Chapter 8: Busy Farming in the Last Days

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With the intention of rushing home as soon as possible, Ji Cha specially set the alarm clock for 6:30 AM before going to bed. When the alarm clock rang the next day, he immediately turned it off.

Liang Jincheng was still sleeping soundly with his eyes closed. One hand was unconsciously wrapping Ji Cha’s waist, making Ji Cha’s face almost touching his chest.

Ji Cha carefully moved out of Liang Jincheng’s arms, sat on the edge of the bed and looked back at him. He couldn’t help patted his chest and thought with relief. Fortunately, he got up before Liang Jincheng woke up, otherwise he would be caught by him and might be misunderstood that he had crawled over on his own initiative.

Ji Cha neatly dressed after taking a shower, and holding the key card, he tiptoed out of the room.

The man on the bed, who was thought to be still asleep, slowly opened his eyes.

The warmth in his arms, on his body, and from the pillow, he told himself that it was indeed Ji Cha who was lying in his arms just now. But this still can’t change the fact that everything was so beautiful to him like a dream.

Liang Jincheng folded his fingers together, buried his head into the pillow and took a deep breath. Please read this on hololonovels, can you?

On the other side, Ji Cha carefully and slowly walked out of the hotel. The small hotel does not provide breakfast, so he turned around twice before he came to a small alley. After taking two steps, he reached the end and arrived straight at a bustling street.

The morning market in the small town is very lively. The stalls on both sides of the street are operated by old farmers who live nearby, and the breakfast shop has been open for a while. There are not many items on the menu, but the prices are cheap and the things made are very affordable.

Ji Cha chose a corner location and asked for a bowl of wontons and two buns. The shopkeeper’s movements were very neat, and she put the orders down in front of Ji Cha in the blink of an eye.

“The vinegar and chili sauce are over there.” She pointed to a table in the corner. “It’s too busy now, you can do it yourself.”

Ji Cha nodded, holding the buns. The steamed buns had just been taken out of the container, still steaming with heat, and even more so after being torn open, a strong aroma of meat hits Ji Cha’s face.

He endured the heat and ate the steamed buns and the entire bowl of wontons in one go. Then he got up and packed a similar amount for Liang Jincheng, ready to slowly pace back.

Early in the morning, half of the shop was on the raised sidewalk next to the road. Ji Cha wanted to go straight down and return as he came. But when he was about to take the to-go box handed over by the shopkeeper, there was a commotion in the crowd.

“Biting people! Biting people!” Someone suddenly screamed, forming the crowd to be like a pool of water that spread out to the side.

Ji Cha was still standing far away, so he was not affected by this panic, and can stand on a high place and overlook the situation over there.

An old man dressed in ordinary clothes was looking fierce at the moment, his eyes were clouded and he was on top of another old man’s body, gnawing at the face below as if he lost his mind.

The opponent was powerless to resist, and could only scream, blood spurting out.

“The rabies is here!” Someone also went up and pulled the old man, who turned his head and bit the man.

This interrupted the old man’s concentration on biting the person on the ground, and immediately began to attack passersby aimlessly.

“Everyone, hide, I’ve already called the police, the ambulance will be here soon!” In the middle of the road stood a man who was maintaining the scene in an orderly manner, but in Ji Cha’s view, his behavior was actually useless.

The people who were eating in the breakfast shop all stood up at this time, gathered in one or two, whispering about the chaos over there.

“He must have been bitten by a dog, and probably he was reluctant to get an injection. Isn’t this a scourge to others?”

“Oh gosh, so much blood, so scary.”

“Scary, really scary.”

There are also people shouting at the other side, “You can’t even catch such an old man and let him bite people?!”

When there are many people on the street, pedestrians can’t run fast, and many stall owners are farmers. How can they be willing to leave their vegetables on the ground and let the chaotic crowd trample on them?

Squatting down to clean up was another delay, but within four or five minutes, the mad old man had injured six people, big and small.

Because he heard someone shouting from the breakfast shop, the mad old man turned his head stiffly with a look of pain and entanglement on his face. Ji Cha almost think for a moment that the crazy old man may still have a sober humanity?

Only the next moment, this thought was slapped in the face by reality. The old man came straight to the source of the sound from the breakfast shop.

The people who had been watching the fun with sweat just now panicked and yelled, half of them hid in the shop, and the other half rushed outside.

Ji Cha walked at the front of the crowd, and hurried to a safe place, paying attention to the old man who went mad first, and locked the people who were injured by the old man in the corner of his eyes to prevent them from dying and changing suddenly.

There are still very few zombies now, so it is easy to control, but many people don’t know about the news of these events, and they didn’t even think that they are zombies, which has caused a lot of irreparable losses in the future.

It’s just that it’s hard for Ji Cha to blame today’s people for not being cruel enough. After all, when he and Wang Qinxue were interning in City A, they were not able to ruthlessly kill two of their roommates. When they were cornered, they just tried to push them away and ran out.

Ji Cha and Wang Qinxue would still be blaming themselves for not providing necessary medical treatment to their friends if they hadn’t learned what kind of phenomenon this was later on.

“Hit the head!” Ji Cha couldn’t help but tell the shopkeeper of the wonton shop who was beating the crazy old man with a big spoon.

The few middle-aged men who were watching the fun, while standing behind the shopkeeper, scolded Ji Cha, “You idiot, why don’t you come do it yourself? Then I’ll slave the rest of my life at your house!”

Well, he did say something a madman would say. Ji Cha didn’t care, turned his head and walked quickly.

What he has to do now is to go home as soon as possible, to return to his grandma without anymore delays, and to win a bigger chance for himself and for the people he cares.

 The situation was chaotic for a while, and the sound of sirens and ambulances came from afar. He didn’t know what the future development will be like.

Fortunately, the hotel is still very peaceful. A yawning cleaning aunt is carelessly sweeping the floor of the hall. A few girls at the front desk are chatting about the latest TV series that aired last night.

“He’s really handsome! So attractive…”

Ji Cha got on the elevator, his eyes fell on the constantly changing number, and with a ding, he stopped on the floor where his room was.

When the door opened, Liang Jincheng was already awake and was making a video call with someone.

Ji Cha didn’t know what was going on the inside, so he opened the door and only saw Liang Jincheng’s back sitting beside the bed, so he said loudly, “Senior, I brought you breakfast, it’s still very hot.”

Liang Jincheng turned his head in response to the sound, and the mobile phone in his hand made a circle following his movements, revealing the yellow-haired head over there.

Ji Cha glanced from a distance and recognized the person who was talking to Liang Jincheng, he met him yesterday.

“WHOA!” The yellow hair on the other end called out in a weird tone for some reason, rather like a coax.

“You guys slept in the same room?” he asked Liang Jincheng.

Ji Cha hurriedly lowered his voice, put breakfast on the table to the side, and then pointed to Liang Jincheng with his mobile phone outside the room, saying that he would go out first so as not to disturb him.

Before Liang Jincheng could stop him, there was a sound of the door closing with a click.

“Seriously,” the yellow hair on the phone’s display suddenly changed his tone to serious, “Are you going to spend so much time on someone like this? He doesn’t look bent. Let me tell you, he seems like a straight man who can’t be bent. There are more, I heard that Ji Cha is straight.”

“I’m straight, too.” Liang Jincheng frowned and refuted Huang Mao seriously.

Huang Mao sneered, “Yes, yes, you’re straighter than a steel pipe!”

He has never seen a man who lusted after another man for several years, and dared to call himself a straight man.

“It will take a few days for me to go back to City G. If there is anything that needs care, please remember to help me out.” Liang Jincheng didn’t care about Huang Mao’s teasing.

“I know,” Huang Mao said impatiently, “Just like that, with a straight face, if you can seduce Ji Cha, you will be a ghost.”

He said that he turned off the video call, leaving a frowning Liang Jincheng.

Liang Jincheng glanced back at the closed door, then glanced at the breakfast Ji Cha left him on the table, then got up and walked out the door.

Ji Cha was making a phone call at the end of the corridor.

Liang Jincheng stood at the door and heard him say, “As long as you sell it quickly, I don’t care about other things. No, no one died or anything like that. Huh? Oh, I owe five million in gambling, and now I’m short of money to pay my debts. Ah! Yes, that’s it, hurry up and sell the apartment. OK, I’m hanging up then.”

Ji Cha hung up the phone with the broker like dropping a hot potato; he breathed a sigh of relief, but when he turned back, he saw Liang Jincheng looking at him strangely.

“You’re short of money?” He paused for a while. When he came back to his senses, he walked over to Ji Cha, “I have money, how much do you want?”

Ji Cha didn’t know what the God of Wealth looks like, but now Liang Jincheng just looks like one.

However, he still shook his head vigorously, “No, I don’t need money.”

Money doesn’t impress me.


Ji Cha: Money doesn’t impress me, but your body does!!!!!!!!!!

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