Chapter 9: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

When you come to our class, you must follow our class rules

“Everyone doesn’t like him. Our class is the top class, and Bai cheng’s grades in the middle school entrance examination and the first year of high school are better. His current grades in our class are a hindrance.” The girl thought for a while and replied calmly.

Although her expression is very reserved, you can still see a faint sense of superiority and dissatisfaction: “and he is very aggressive, and he beats people. With him, everyone is always trembling, and the class harmony is completely broken. If it wasn’t for our school only dividing classes once in the first year of high school, he would have been driven away long ago.” If you’re not reading this on h olo lo novels, there’ll be extra, unnecessary sentences embedded throughout the chapter.

Hearing such words, Mo Li almost lost his temper. He just retracted his hand in front of the table, opened the zipper of his school uniform, and hid his hand inside the pocket. He exhaled heavily; his light brown eyes became a little colder.

He was worried that if his hand was placed on the table again, it would have thrown off the table.

Mo Li was quiet, tall and cool, standing in front of the table somewhat casually, leaning against the wall with his left shoulder, his hand in one pocket, and his eyes looking straight at the girl.

Being watched so intently, how could the girl have the courage to meet Mo Li’s gaze, she quickly looked away, her heartbeat quickened a lot.

As for Mo Li, who lived nearly ten years longer than these children, he could see the girl’s actions at a glance.

He lowered his eyes, just wanting to listen to the girl continue to talk about Bai Cheng. Seeing that the girl was just staring at him without speaking, he took the initiative to say, “Then Bai Cheng has done anything to others?”

“Move!” This time, it was not the girl who responded, but another student at the same table. He heard the topic spoken between the girl and Mo Li and raised his head with interest. His voice was especially loud in the quiet classroom during the lunch break. He seemed to find that he had disturbed other students’ break, so he turned around and apologized to the students behind him with his hands folded, and then lowered his voice and said to Mo Li: “In the second year of high school, Bai Cheng and Xu Jia had a fight. Xu Jia’s family was very powerful, and he was always pardoned whatever he did. He was considered a school bully in our school, but he was beaten by Bai Cheng that time.”

The boy was a little excited when he talked about this kind of thing, but he was worried about Xu Jia, so he whispered: “At that time, although Bai Cheng rarely spoke and was very quiet, he could still get along with others. We all thought at the time that the school bully of No. 6 Middle School was going to be replaced!”

“As a result, hey, it’s a pity to end…”

 “Idiot Zhi, what did you say?”

Just as the boy was talking with gusto, there was a sudden sound from his side. The boy was shocked, and when he turned his head, he saw that Xu Jia was pointing at him with a gel pen. Although he was smiling, his eyes appeared hostile.

Seeing him look over, Xu Jia threw the pen on the table, stood up and snorted: “Be quiet, I can’t even sleep with all the chatters.”

Bai Quzhi smiled awkwardly, and hurriedly covered his mouth and made a silent motion.

Satisfied with his success, Xu Jia slowly turned his eyes to Mo Li.

Mo Li stared at him calmly, while still looking lazy, leaning against the wall without standing.

The monitor Wu Shi saw this, his eyes moved, and he also stood up and said: “Mo Li, although you are a transferred student, you have to abide by the rules of our class. It’s lunch break. Go back to your seat to rest; don’t disturb others.”

His voice was not quiet, and several students who were doing the questions looked up at him, but said nothing.

Mo Li didn’t seem to hear such a big movement, his eyes still in Xu Jia’s direction, he didn’t even move a finger.

Xu Jia had already stood up and walked to Mo Li, pushing him hard.

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