Chapter 1: I Am The White Moonlight of The Reborn School Bully

Trigger Warning: Stockholm syndrome, rape

Translator note: Gong, was a scum through and through in his last life. He treated shou very badly at first in their relationship. You might get triggered by his actions before rebirth. Just warning ahead.


Find the young you to protect

“Brother Li, it’s enough to have you with me.”

The terminally ill man’s brows and eyes were curved, like the splendid starry night in summer.

He was actually in pain, he couldn’t even drink a sip of water.

With thin, sunken cheeks, and a bony body, there is no other way to see the beauty of youth.

Mo Li stood in front of the bed, holding the sickly cold hand, his resolute face was dark and in despair, he choked with almost pleading: “Don’t die, please.”

The desperate voice moved Bai Cheng’s dry eyes, but his sad face still showed a smile: “when I’m not here anymore, you have to love well. Don’t eat spicy food, don’t fight, eat on time, and remember me. When you have a new lover, you have to say good things about me in front of him.”

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When the voice fell, his eyes brightened a little, and he said jokingly, “If you feel sad when you think of me, then try to forget me.”

The voice became lighter and lighter, and the last few words were almost scattered in the air as soon as they came out.

Mo Li tightly held Bai Cheng’s hand to his forehead, his shoulders were trembling, he didn’t want to hear this at all!

He could hardly contain his irritable emotions, his forehead burst into blue veins, and he roared like a trapped beast: “If you die, how could I have a good time! I will collect all the things you like and preserve them for you!”

He couldn’t hear Bai Cheng’s response, he raised his head, but saw that Bai Cheng had closed his eyes.

The instruments by the hospital bed made a screeching noise, but his world was silent.

“Obviously said yes-“

Unable to restrain himself, he stood up and held Bai Cheng’s shoulders. He roared sharply with red eyes: “It was clear that we wanted to be together forever, Bai Cheng, why did you just leave me like that?! How can you be willing, how can you be willing!”

He was born with emotional defects, irritated, and uncontrollable, and he did not know how many people he had hurt since he was a child.

Everyone is afraid of him, only Bai Cheng is willing to stay by his side.

Holding Bai Cheng’s gradually stiff and icy body tightly, he suddenly realized that Bai Cheng was really about to disappear.

His irritable expression became flustered, and he hurriedly pressed against Bai Cheng’s face, trying to warm the person in his arms.

It’s a pity that this person who used to be as warm as the sun has finally cooled down completely.

After the madness, there is only endless despair. “Don’t you want to go to university? I haven’t taken you there yet. Can you wait a little longer?”

“Wake up, wake up, I beg you…”

In the bright ward under the incandescent light, only the desperate pleading of the man remained.

But got no response.

Mo Li woke up suddenly, gasping for breath, his back soaked in cold sweat.

“Arrived at the place, a total of sixty yuan.”

Hearing the urging voice of the driver in his ear, he raised his hand tiredly to cover his sour eyes, only to realize that he had just fallen asleep.

It has been a few days since he was born again. He went through the transfer procedures alone and flew directly to H City.

Because Bai Cheng is here.

In the third year, second class of a high school, Mo Li carefully tidied up his sleeves and collar and took a deep breath.

He followed the head teacher to the door.

There were whispering voices from under the podium. Mo Li didn’t care about this. He quickly looked around the classroom, but did not see Baicheng.

What about others?

After being absent-mindedly introduced by the head teacher, Mo Li walked off the podium and sat in the last row of vacant seats.

He is a new transfer student, there is no desk mate, and he sits alone.

There was a seat in the front row that was also vacant. Before he could see whether this was Bai Cheng’s seat, the classroom door was suddenly pushed open.

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A boy with a scratched face strode in, his school uniform was stained with soil, and his expression was gloomy.

The teenager ignored the teacher, ignored the classmates, and sat directly in front of Mo Li, without even looking at Mo Li.

It was as if he was not interested in this transfer student at all.

Mo Li held his breath, he could only hear his own heart beating in his ears.

This is his Cheng!

Different from the mature and stable appearance in his memory, Bai Cheng’s face was still a little green at this time, and his eyes were also unruly like a teenager.

Mo Li’s breathing became rapid, and he almost exhausted his strength to restrain himself from being impulsive.

“Hello, my name is Qu Ziyu, and I will be your classmate from now on. Just ask me if you need anything.”

At this moment, Bai Cheng’s tablemate suddenly turned his head and whispered hello to him.

He thought Mo Li, who had always been indifferent since he entered the room, would not respond, but Mo Li smiled at him gently, his black eyes were warm and friendly, and he looked very easy to get along with.

However, when Qu Ziyu turned his head, his gaze faded from a smile coz this ‘friendly’ guy’s eyes stuck to Bai Cheng’s back looking a little paranoid.

It’s a pity that Bai Cheng never meant to say hello to this transfer student from beginning to end.

The head teacher directly chose to ignore Bai Cheng’s rudeness. She just glanced here in disgust and asked everyone to open the book and prepare for class.

Bai Cheng had no intention to do any studying, he just lay down on the table and started to sleep.

Seeing this, Mo Li’s eyes darkened, and his fingers lightly tapped the table.The young Bai Cheng was not the same as the Bai Cheng he knew. He had to find a way to approach Bai Cheng first.

When the class was over, he was about to talk to Bai Cheng, but there were a lot of people around, chattering about his situation. Now that they’re in the third year of high school, a transfer student suddenly came in, which made all the classmates very curious.

Especially when they heard the teacher say that Mo Li was from the No. 1 Middle School in City A, they couldn’t help being excited. City A is a big city, not a small city like theirs can compare!

The No. 1 Middle School in City A is a very famous middle school, and has produced many famous people.

The most important thing is that Mo Li is tall and handsome!

For the students’ inquiries, Mo Li answered with a smile. He is handsome, has a nice voice, and has a gentle attitude. For a while, many students in the class were attracted by him. During this period, Mo Li noticed that Bai Cheng had been lying on the table, indifferent to the outside world.

When a girl saw that Mo Li was paying attention to Bai Cheng’s direction, she quickly lowered her voice and said: “Don’t approach Bai Cheng.”

When the words fell, she suddenly felt as if she was being held by a knife around her neck, and her neck became cold. Looking up, Mo Li’s expression didn’t change, the girl just thought it was her own illusion, and whispered again: “Bai Cheng is a lunatic, doesn’t even say anything about fights, I heard that he killed people when he was a child!”

When the words fell, Bai Cheng moved slightly, and the girl was shocked, she quickly grabbed the arm of her friend next to her, and looked at him alertly. Seeing that Bai Cheng didn’t make the next move, she let out a low spit in relief: “…that’s disgusting.”

“shut up!” Mo Li suddenly snorted coldly. Seeing the girl looking at him in surprise, Mo Li squinted his eyes, tried his best to control his emotions, and said softly: “I don’t like hearing that, so don’t say it.”

But even so, the girl’s eyes were still red, she turned around and went to the seat to cry. She was so kind but Mo Li didn’t appreciate it, and even yelled at her to shut up. Even Qu Ziyu couldn’t help but turn around and said, “Mo Li, it’s not good for you to treat girls like this.”

Mo Li raised his eyes lazily and said lightly, “I don’t like listening to her words.” Only because he was reborn, and if he had never met Bai Cheng in his previous life, the girl would have been turned into a dog with his chair.

The other students looked at each other. However, Mo Li just told the girls to shut up and did nothing, so they left after having a conversation with the girls, but many students stayed to inquire about Mo Li’s situation.

After the morning passed, everyone went to lunch in a hustle and bustle, Qu Ziyu called Mo Li, and when he saw Mo Li would not go, he left with a smile.

The classroom quickly quieted down, leaving only Mo Li and Bai Cheng sleeping on the table. Mo Li stared at Bai Cheng’s back tightly, clenching his fists restrained, his fingertips almost sinking into the flesh.

If he was to touch Baicheng, he’s afraid that it will be like an illusion, and it will disappear when he touch it.

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He wanted to laugh, but his eyes were sore. He stood up, and his gaze fell just right on the back of Baicheng’s clean neck. His Adam’s apple rolled subconsciously, and his teeth were lightly clenched, somehow he remembered the touch of Baicheng’s soft skin when he bit there. He miss it. His fingers lightly touched Bai Cheng’s black and fluffy hair, perhaps because his movements were too light, Bai Cheng didn’t move, he was well-behaved. After observing in the morning, he found that Baicheng in his youth was very quiet, too quiet. This is the Bai Cheng he doesn’t know.

“Acheng.” He opened his mouth to call, and found that his voice had long been hoarse.

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