Chapter 34: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Quick! Quick! Quick! Let’s hurry!”

As soon as Li Changfeng and the others exited the courtyard gate, they saw Uncle Xie who had borrowed a donkey cart from Wu’s house. They carefully put the unconscious Xie Yu in the cart. Xu Qing held an umbrella and covered the mother and son, while Xie Ama hugged Xie Yu in his arms to keep him warm.

Because it was raining these two days, there were not many pedestrians on the road. Uncle Xie drove the cart in a hurry, so they arrived at the Lin’s clinic not long after.

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“This is the clinic I came when my leg was injured a few years ago. In recent years, anyone who has had a cold or something would come here!” Uncle Xie carried Xie Yu on his back and explained.

Although Brother Xie has been ill for a long time, the medicines he has been taking were the ones that Ma Ama bought cheaply from the “doctors” with mediocre medical skills. When Xie Yu returned home, he’s been taking the medicine Uncle Xie bought from the Lin family clinic, and he has been feeling much better afterwards. Sadly, he was stimulated by Zhong Hua’s words today.

“Doctor Lin, take a look at my son!” Uncle Xie and the others put Xie Yu on the stool next to the medicine cabinet and anxiously called for the old doctor Lin who was cleaning the counter.

This old doctor Lin is the old man Xu Qing sold herbs. Patients would be cured just from his famous reputation alone.

Old Doctor Lin looked at Xie Yu, “Anxiety is attacking the heart, and the old illness has not healed. Although it is a little troublesome, it is not a serious problem, so don’t worry too much.” Then he found that Xie Yu and Xu Qing were both drenched in rain; Xu Qing couldn’t properly hold the umbrella on the bumpy donkey cart. “The clothes of these two little brothers are wet, which is not good for the body. You can find a way to go change them.”

“Oh, I’m too careless, why didn’t I think of this!” Xie Ama patted his head and quickly gave the things in his hand to Uncle Xie, “You watch here, brother Qing, let’s go buy some clothes for you and Xiaoyu to change.” Xie Yu is not in good health, let alone wearing wet clothes, and as for Xu Qing who just got married, it’s not good to be sick in case there is good news of a baby.

“Then I’ll go. You stay with Uncle Xie!” At this time, Xu Qing also felt cold with the wet clothes on when the wind blew. After a few words with Li Changfeng, he followed Xie ama to the market.

“Fang Liang! Come out and help!” After the old doctor Lin yelled at the backyard, Uncle Xie saw the little doctor who treated his leg a few years ago. Although he was still full of energy, he looked a little more majestic than the petty official from the yamen.

“Changfeng? Your family sick?” As soon as Lin Fangliang came out, he saw Li Changfeng standing at the door. They were assigned to the same small group in the military camp five years ago. The second son of the Wei family, Chen Qi, and they are all good friends.

Li Changfeng didn’t expect the clinic to be of Lin Fangliang’s family. Although he knew from the military camp that his family practiced medicine, he didn’t ask too much, “No, it’s Uncle Xie’s son.”

When Lin Fangliang heard that his surname was Xie, his heart trembled wildly, “It’s been a long time, little doctor!” Uncle Xie was relieved after hearing that old doctor Lin said that Brother Xie was in no serious condition, and greeted the young doctor who treated the leg back then.

“Haven’t seen you for a long time……”

Lin Fangliang looked at Uncle Xie and Xie Yu, who had been quietly lying on the temporary cot, and muttered, but it was unclear whether he was saying hello to Uncle Xie who greeted him, or to Xie Yu who he had a chance to meet five years ago.

“Is this Brother Xie?”

Although Lin Fangliang anxiously wanted to know about Xie Yu’s condition, but because of their identities, he did not step forward to check on Xie Yu’s pulse. Five years ago, he remembered that Xie Yu already had a fiancé; they should have been married for many years.

When he thought of Xie Yu being married, Lin Fangliang’s heart was full of sourness. He originally thought it was just a one-sided relationship, but he didn’t expect to still have Xie Yu lingering in his heart for the past five years.

“This brother drank the wrong medicine a few years ago, and now, so he needs to cultivate himself more carefully, otherwise…” Old Doctor Lin didn’t say more, but shook his head, this ger’s health is too bad, if he isn’t careful, he’s afraid that it will only get worse in the future.

“Doctor, please treat my son, no matter how much it costs, as long as my son gets well, I will give you anything without saying a word, even if you want my life, I will give it to you without blinking an eye! “Uncle Xie immediately knelt down when he heard the words of old doctor Lin; he prayed that old doctor Lin could cure Xie Yu.

“What are you doing?! Get up! Get up! Fang Liang!” Old Doctor Lin hurriedly avoided Uncle Xie’s kneeling and went up to help him up, but when he met the man’s stubborn temper, and he couldn’t pull him up. In desperation, he had to ask Lin Fangliang to help.

Lin Fangliang held Uncle Xie’s hand and helped him up with a steady force. Seeing Uncle Xie wanting to kneel down again, he hurriedly said: “Don’t worry, my father said that as long as brother Xie can cultivate well, it will be fine, you don’t have to be too worried.”

“What’s wrong?! Could it be my Xiaoyu?!” As soon as Xie Ama and Xu Qing who had changed clothes entered the clinic, they saw Uncle Xie, being held by a young man, about to kneel down to the old doctor Lin, and it made Xie Ama to think that something happened to Xie Yu.

“It’s alright, it’s alright, your husband was just worried. Hurry up and go change your son’s clothes, we have a temporary room in the backyard, Fang Liang, you can lead them to take this little brother to the room. Then go and concoct some medicine, and give him to drink when he wakes up.” Old Doctor Lin really didn’t want to be around Uncle Xie for fear that the stubborn man would kneel down at any moment.

After listening to the old doctor Lin’s words, Xie Amo and Xu Qing also had a feeling of crying and laughing, and then they sent Xie Yu to the room, leaving Xie Ama to change his clothes. Lin Fangliang went to boil the medicine, and Uncle Xie waited outside. Xu Qing and Li Changfeng went to the street to buy tools for woodwork. When Li Changfeng came back from Wei’s second wife’s house the other day, he had already decided what kind of cabinet he would make, and he needed to buy some tools to make it easier.

“Were you cold? It’s my fault, I didn’t notice that you were wearing wet clothes for so long.” As soon as Li Changfeng and Xu Qing left the clinic, Li Changfeng took the initiative to plead guilty to Xu Qing. Before they leave, he would ask Doctor Lin to prescribe some medicine, in case Xu Qing catches a cold later. He has to prepare ahead just in case.

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Xu Qing tugged at the new clothes on his body and shook his head, “How can I blame for this? Who would care about these things under the circumstances at that time! Only when I was told by Doctor Lin at the clinic, I remembered to feel cold.”

Li Changfeng held the umbrella for Xu Qing; it was almost completely tilted towards Xu Qing, and the raindrops wetting Li Changfeng’s shoulders, but his eyes were full of gentleness, as if only the person next to him is in the world.

“Hey, isn’t that…!”

“Li Changfeng! Li Changfeng! Here! Here!”

Xu Qing and Li Changfeng suddenly heard someone calling Li Changfeng’s name. They followed the voice and looked over to see a tall man was holding a small umbrella. “Chen Qi, what are you doing on the street?”

Holding the small umbrella used by wife, Chen Qi flung his arms and came to the couple, “This is…” Chen Qi looked at Xu Qing beside Li Changfeng, a little uncertain.

“It’s my wife!” On the wedding day, Chen Qi could only see Li Changfeng and the veiled Xu Qing performing wedding vows, and he didn’t see Xu Qing’s appearance. Although he heard that “the ugly ger” now had a good face, Chen Qi still couldn’t believe it. It was not until today that he saw Xu Qing in front of him, who was white and tender, that he had to admit that this kid Li Changfeng was blessed!

“Congratulations! Congrats! Brother!” Chen Qi sincerely congratulated Li Changfeng, but when he thought of his own happy event, he also froze.

“Just after your family’s happy event, my family’s happy event is here!”

“You’re getting a concubine?” Li Changfeng’s face was sullen, but he said something that almost choked Chen Qi. Xu Qing couldn’t help turning to Li Changfeng, shaking his shoulders, laughing secretly.

Chen Qi almost wanted to strangle Li Changfeng to death. If he hadn’t seen that this kid just got married, he would have wanted to kick his third legs!

“What are you saying … you! My little brother is getting married! Don’t you think this is a happy event?!”

“Oh, congratulations, when is the date set? Which family is he marrying to? That is indeed a happy event.” Xu Qing knew that Chen Qi was Li Changfeng’s good brother. Since this brother’s brother was getting married, of course they have to congratulate.

Chen Qi glanced at the expressionless Li Changfeng and wondered how could such a person who can’t say anything good marry someone who can speak so well!

“Thank you, thank you! The day is set for the day after tomorrow! It’s the Ma family who owns the grocery store in town, their son is called Ma Fugui. He is a good man. He treats Xiaohong and our parents very well. Otherwise, I will not agree to their marriage!”

If some want to marry his own brother, they also have to pass his test, otherwise he won’t agree no matter what. His brother is so good, how could he just marry him off casually!

“Ma’s family! Ma Fugui?!” Xu Qing exclaimed when he heard the name. Today, Zhonghua said that the Ma family welcomes a wife, and this wife couldn’t possibly be …

Li Changfeng did not expect that the family that Chen Hong was about to marry was actually Ma Fugui, who had just separated from Brother Xie! Xu Qing’s expression became very solemn.

“What’s up with your expression?” Chen Qi originally expected to see Li Changfeng and Xu Qing’s expressions of blessing their younger brother like everyone else, but why are these two expressions like eating shit!


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Ma Poopgui, don’t you dare ruin another innocent little ger. How stupid of Chen family to not investigate who their son is even marrying! Retribution, I demand retribution to Ma💩family.


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