Ch 34: TWAPR

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Yuqin opposed, “don’t refuse. If it weren’t for you, I would have died a long time ago, so even if I’m worried for my life, I would still try to help you as much as I can.”

Cheng Mo fell into deep thought, sighed heavily for a long time, and said, “I don’t want to thank you for your kindness. Cheng Mo has written down this kindness.”

Cheng Mo had already made up his mind; he sent a message to Wulin Alliance informing them of Hui Ji’s escape, and then he headed off with Yuqin to the Shuiyue Sect.

Yuqin took Cheng Mo all the way to the southwest. She never told Cheng Mo where Shuiyue Sect was, and Cheng Mo never asked. She only reassured Cheng Mo that everything would go according to plan once they arrived at Shuiyue Sect.

Along the way, Cheng Mo was shocked to learn that the news of Hui Ji’s escape from Shaolin had caused a great storm in the Central Plains. Almost everywhere the two passed by, someone could be heard talking about Hui Ji. The most talked about is nothing more than the massacre that shook the rivers and lakes ten years ago. The four major families in the south of Yangtze River were brutally murdered overnight, and there was not one person left alive. Little Er, here’s a pot of tea! It’s cold!”

There are young people who have not heard Hui Ji’s name. They can’t help but be shocked and said in a daze, “this devil is too scary. I don’t know if Master Qing Song will be able to come out of the seclusion.” If you’re not reading this chapter on h olo lo novels, the ending will be missing.

The young man’s companion exclaimed: “It might not happen, but I think Qing Song’s apprentice, Cheng Mo, may be able to defeat the devil.”

“Could Cheng Mo be Hui Ji’s opponent?” asked the young man.

The companion: “It’s hard to say, but he is the direct disciple of Master Qing Song.”

Cheng Mo and Yuqin were drinking tea while listening to those people talking eloquently.

Seeing Cheng Mo’s solemn expression, Yuqin asked, “Are you worried about that Hui Ji?”

Cheng Mo sighed softly, put down the teacup, and said, “I’m just worried about what he will do, after all…” Cheng Mo stopped talking. He just shook his head and smiled at Yuqin.

The customs of the Central Plains become more astonishing as they travel further southwest.

In several large towns in the southwest, it is common to see girls of different races dressed in provocative clothing. There are also many big and tall men of different races. Cheng Mo tried his best to keep a low profile and avoid revealing his true identity.

After passing a small town later that day, Yuqin suddenly said to Cheng Mo, “I’m afraid I have to wrong you, but you will have to be blindfolded from now on until we arrive Shuiyue Sect.”

Cheng Mo replied that he didn’t have any objections. Now listening to this young man’s question, Ling Xiaolu stood up and said, “It’s mine.”

Yuqin took a piece of black cloth, folded several layers to cover Cheng Mo’s eyes, tied a knot behind his head, and said, “After all, me bringing you there has not been approved by the sect leader.”

Cheng Mo nodded, “I understand, elder sister doesn’t need to worry. You can tell me anything.”

The two rented a carriage the next day and continued on the road. If you’re reading this chapter elsewhere, there will be irrelevant sentences embedded within the chapter.

Cheng Mo sat in the carriage, still blindfolded, and chatted with Yuqin in a low voice. The journey was not particularly bad. After traveling like this for three or four days, they stopped in front of a dense forest. Yuqin helped Cheng Mo get out of the carriage and paid the driver.

Yuqin said to Cheng Mo, “I’ll lead you, don’t act rashly. There are poisonous insects everywhere in this forest, you can easily get hurt if not careful, ” to which Cheng Mo nodded solemnly.

He couldn’t see anything, so he could only rely on Yuqin completely. He heard the constant chirping of birds and insects and felt he was stepping on what appeared to be thick dead leaves under the soles of his shoes. Yuqin seemed to take him on a round of detours, walking further and further away.

Cheng Mo heard the gentle sound of water after nearly two hours of traveling.

Yuqin said beside him, “it’s almost there.” Ling Xiaolu stepped forward and untied the rope, “I care who you are!”

Cheng Mo made an “um”, and at the same time, he heard two footsteps approaching from a distance.

There were two women. Cheng Mo heard them standing in front of him, and they spoke loudly: “Yuqin! How dare you bring outsiders to our sect? Worst of all, it’s a man!”

Yuqin released Cheng Mo and knelt down, “Yuqin is wrong. Yuqin was saved by this hero Cheng Mo and brought him back to see the leader.”

A woman said, “The sect leader can be seen by him just cause he wants to?”

Yuqin lowered her head and said, “Please, let sect leader know.”

Another woman said, “Who does he think he is? How dare he …”

Halfway through her sentence someone cut her off, and a woman in the distance said, “Sect master has invited the guest.”

Cheng Mo heard the footsteps of someone approaching. The person walked in front of them, and said, “Take off his blindfolds. He’s coming with me.”

Both women were taken aback. Ling Xiaolu looked at the person in front of him, hesitated for a while, then opened his eyes wide and said, “Are you really Cheng Mo?”

Yuqin got up quickly and untied the black cloth away from Cheng Mo’s eyes. Cheng Mo hadn’t used his eyes in a long time, so he struggled to adjust and couldn’t help but squint. It was only then that he realized there were tall trees all around him, and the dense branches and leaves had extended into the air, concealing the sky and making day and night impossible to differentiate. He even a snake hanging on the branch of a large tree nearby.

In front of Cheng Mo and Yuqin, stood three young women, the woman who spoke just now was dressed in red. She said to Cheng Mo, “Young Master, please come with me.”

Cheng Mo nodded and looked back at Yuqin, “What about you?”

Yuqin smiled, “Sect master wants to see you, you go quickly, don’t worry about me.”

The woman in red also said, “Young Master, don’t worry, come with me.”

Cheng Mo was a little relieved, and he followed the woman. In a short period of time, he has become famous and can be regarded as a generation of heroes.

Cheng Mo saw an open spot in the woods after a short walk. The white mist was whirling and the sound of water was deafening. It was actually a hot spring. There is a wooden bridge with a curved corridor on the hot spring water, and in the middle is a pavilion. As he walked down the wooden bridge, he saw a person sitting in the pavilion amidst the mist. Cheng Mo’s heart skipped a beat, and he held onto the railing beside him with one hand to hide the sudden weakness of his legs.

The bronze mask on the face of the person in the pavilion was looming in the white mist.

The woman in red who led the way said, “Young Master, please, I’ll step back first.” She then turned around and left Cheng Mo alone on the bridge.

In the hot spring pavilion, only Cheng Mo and Shu Changhua were left.

Cheng Mo took a deep breath and continued to walk forward. He knew that the blood contract would stir up in his body if he meets Shu Changhua, and even though he had expected it, he still thought it was necessary to come here. Maybe he could get a chance, a chance to get rid of the blood contract completely.

There was a stone table and a stone bench in the pavilion. Shu Changhua was sitting on the bench, but when he saw Cheng Mo coming, he got up and said with a smile: “The visit from the leader of Wulin alliance really flatters my little sect.”

Cheng Mo walked to the edge of the pavilion, held the wooden pillar beside him with one hand, and said, “Sect Master Shu, long time no see.” Cheng Mo heard that Ling Xiaolu was also going to the Wulin Alliance, so he invited him to go with him.

Cheng Mo’s voice was already a little unstable, and naturally the two of them could hear it. Shu Changhua smiled slightly and said, “I think it’s more suitable for me to say it. Alliance leader, it’s been so long, Changhua misses you very much.”

Cheng Mo’s cheeks suddenly flushed red; he let out a deep breath, “Cheng Mo came to visit the sect master this time because he actually has something to ask.”

Shu Changhua said: “Oh? Do you want to ask for something? Alliance leader is really straightforward. Let me guess, is it because of that lustful heart Gu?”

Cheng Mo replied: “Exactly, I wanted to ask the sect leader to give me some advice.”

Shu Changhua was silent. He stretched out his hand to pick up the glass of wine from the table and then said, ” Alliance leader Cheng, I want to invite you to a glass of wine, can you give me face?” Cheng Mo said: “Not far away is Linglong Villa. The owner of the villa is an old friend of mine. We can spend the night there.”

When Cheng Mo heard the words, he walked over to the table and pick up the jug. Just as he was about to pour the wine, he was unexpectedly stopped by Shu Changhua, who stretched out his hand and said, “not like this.”

Cheng Mo’s hand was touched by Shu Changhua. Suddenly, he felt his whole body stood upright, his legs trembled a little, and he couldn’t resist his lower body from slowly hardening. He panted, “then how?”


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