Chapter 1: The Game Character I Raised is the Boss of the End of the World

As a 9-to-5 social animal, Shen Cheng’s only entertainment is to play mobile games to pass the time.

Her favorite is business simulation games, and she has played most of the games on the app store. As a player who only has three minutes of interest and doesn’t like spending money on krypton gold very much, Shen Cheng has to admit that she may be the kind of ‘cheapskate’ that game companies dislike the most.

This also led to her to basically giving up when most of the games entered the stage where you could only continue playing by spending money.

Today, Shen Cheng was bored and fiddled with her mobile phone when she suddenly found a full score game appeared in the app store. There were people screaming on the screen that the visual aesthetics were pleasing to the eye and the storyline was particularly touching, et cetera. Shen Cheng glanced at it and found that it was a simulation business management type she liked. She became curious and clicked the ‘download’ button.

After a few seconds, the game called [The Last Survivor: Noah’s Ark] was downloaded.

Shen Cheng thought quietly in her heart, “Downloading was so fast, it must be a junk game!”

But since it was already downloaded, let’s play it.

As soon as she entered the game, Shen Cheng wanted to quit directly and go give a bad review on the game page in the app store.

She just entered the game to see the scene filled with yellow sand, and in the middle of the heavy sandstorm was a person tied to a cross, with his head hung down weakly, seemed like he was about to die.

Shen Cheng moved her hand to the villain’s face.

[You touched the yellow sand. 】

[His face has been covered with dust and cannot be seen clearly. 】

Indeed, the picture is gray.

Shen Cheng pursed her lips. She moved her finger to the little man’s hand.

[His limbs are tightly bound by ropes, and he cannot move at all. 】

[Do you choose to untie the rope: Y/N? 】

【Countdown starts: 10, 9…】

As soon as she touched the limbs of the villain, the game started the countdown.

Is it because the villain is dying?

Shen Cheng’s heart sank slightly. She hesitated a bit.

She didn’t know whether this villain was good or bad, or even why he was tied here.

But even if this is just a game, the villain is dying.

Shen Cheng’s hand trembled, and she almost clicked ‘exit game’, but just watching the countdown reached ‘2’, she suddenly felt a tightness in her chest. She shook her head and simply clicked ‘Y’. In the end, she chose to untie the rope for the villain.

As soon as the rope was unfastened, the little man fell weakly into the sand. He was obviously very weak.

He was struggling in the sand dunes. ho lo lo novels. The wind was so strong that his body was even pushed backwards, and the clothes were tightly stuck to his body, framing a thin and strong waist that looked particularly fragile.

It’s too windy.

Shen Cheng looked at the strong wind blowing on the screen where the villain fell to the ground and suddenly noticed that the villain’s arms were abnormally twisted.

That kind of bending and twisting shape is not something that a normal arm can do at all. Is his arm broken?

But even if one hand is broken and unable to exert any strength, the villain’s hands continued digging the sand. Until after a few seconds, his hand suddenly loosens, and the next moment, the whole person slams down on the ground. He laid there motionless while being gradually submerged in the yellow sand.

“Hey, hey, don’t die!” Shen Cheng watched this scene, and for a while, she almost forgot that it was just a game. She almost panicked, poking the screen everywhere—what the hell? Dead from the start?

Just then, the wind suddenly stopped, as well as the collapsing sun dunes.

Shen Cheng’s hand touched the surface of the sand dune, and with one or two strokes, the sand dune was slowly pulled open, revealing the pale face buried inside.

“So, this is how it’s played!” Shen Cheng quickly realized how the game worked. It seems that her first task is to dig out the villain who was buried in the sand. This task seems quite simple, as long as she keeps swiping the screen to remove the yellow sand.

Shen Cheng repeatedly swiped the screen for a while, and then she dug the villain out of the yellow sand and lay him flat on the ground.

After some time, the villain began to cough.

“Cough, cough, cough!”

He coughed out a large amount of yellow sand, staining with his blood. The little man spat out a dark red sputum on the ground.

“!!” Did I pick up a sister Lin? (T/N: No idea what this means.)

Shen Cheng wondered if she was playing the game in the wrong way. The villain coughed strenuously and after a while, he closed his eyes and fell down.

[He was so tired that he fell asleep. 】

The icon of “ZZZZZ” appeared on the villain’s head, and it looked a bit cute.

The corners of Shen Cheng’s mouth bent involuntarily, and she couldn’t help reaching out and poking the small dimple on the little man’s cheek. She muttered softly, “you’re just gonna go to sleep? You almost died just now, and you’re actually sleeping, really…”

At this time, a wolf’s howl suddenly came from the earphone!

On the outer edge of the screen, a giant wolf sprang out from nowhere. Even if it was the Q version of the wolf, you could vaguely see the wolf’s huge stature.

It raised its head and howled to the sky at the edge of the screen. Its eyes dimmed, and as it howled, a few more big wolves sprang out from nowhere, and slowly followed behind the leader.

The green eyes of these giant beasts looked in the direction of the villain!

Crap! Shen Cheng guessed in her heart that this was the game’s quest routine and scorned that the game was actually in dog mode already from the beginning. Just looking at the giant wolf’s body of more than two meters tall, how could the badly injured and exhausted villain be able to resist.

Her heart began to beat fast, and her throat started to tighten with worry.

[He fell into a deep sleep, not knowing that the mutant wolf had already stared at his flesh and blood. 】

“…” How can you still sleep, idiot!

Shen Cheng was so anxious that she poked the man lying down desperately with her fingers, hoping to wake him up. The little man just moved his body slightly, avoided her harassment, and just continue to sleep soundly.

! !

Even knowing that this is a part of the game and the protagonist can never die at the beginning, Shen Cheng is still a little angry.

What to do?

The game system pops up a notification at this time:

[Main quest 1: Escape from the mutant wolves. Quest Rewards: The city building order and the map of the base “Noah”. 】

Escape? How to escape?

Shen Cheng looked at the unconscious villain and the wolves that were closing in, with a burning heart.

[Note: Proper use of the system mall will reduce the difficulty of the task. 】

The system pops up another line of small characters at this time.

Okay, I knew this was a trick that forced me to buy game gold!

Even if she knew that this was a trick from the system to force players to spend money, Shen Cheng also knew the urgency of most games. Usually, the first item is given away for free. Forget it, for the sake of the pitiful villain, she would focus on this matter on hand first.

One thing she forgot is that the human nature is really rotten – she would usually close the game at the unpleasant part and restart at an earlier point.

Shen Cheng opened the system mall. All the other items are too expensive to buy, but the first item is free: a 24-hour shield. ho lo lo novels. Shen Cheng clicked to buy, after using the protective shield, the system starts the countdown of the use of the shield, and the time is deducted by one minute and one second, which seems to be synchronized with the real time.

Shen Cheng looked at the remaining time of the protective shield, and the task seemed to be stuck there. She only remembered to look out the window at this time, and almost screamed. She originally planned to download this game and play to pass the time on the subway, but who knew that she would completely forget the time once she began playing, and almost missed her stop.

She had to get out of the subway now! Shen Cheng quickly turned off her phone and hurriedly squeezed into the crowd. What she didn’t know was that in the game, the villain slowly opened his eyes.

Li Weilan looked at the outside of the shield. He saw mutant wolves howling and scratching the protective barrier, but could only wander around outside. Even though they were greedy for his flesh and blood, they could do nothing; the gigantic mutant wolves just circled him outside. He covered his forehead with his unbroken left hand; with blood-shot eyes, he smirked sarcastically.

The protective shield that could even block the fifth-order mutant wolves directly outside has a sky-high price in this world. Who thought he was so easy to tease? They first placed him in this place and then gave him such a high-level protective shield? What does this person want? What else do they want from him?

He didn’t even know, what else could be used and admired by others, and was it worth a fifth-order protective shield? Whoever it is, they are destined to be in a losing business.

He reached out and touched his chest; he felt a hard object. He took it out and found that it was a bronze token. There is one word imprinted above the image of a dragon flying and a phoenix dancing – [Noah].

Li Weilan was stunned.

Noah Base? He has never heard of it. Is it a small base?

Since the beginning of the apocalypse, survivors from all over the world have established various small bases, many of which were destroyed by the zombie tides soon after they were established. Since he has never heard of Noah Base, it must be an unknown small base.

There seemed to be some marks on the cloth wrapped around the token, Li Weilan opened it and saw a map. There is a red circle in the middle, and the word ‘Noah’ was written.

The person who saved himself wants him to go to this… Noah base? He just wanted to know who the other is.

Li Weilan closed his eyes, ignoring his right arm that was hanging down weakly, and stood up neither fast nor slow. He identified east, west, north and south and walked towards the direction marked on the map.

Seeing the food that almost reached their mouths was about to run away, the mutant wolves were obviously very unhappy and followed behind. Li Weilan watched the greedy drools of the wolves and didn’t know what to think. He suddenly sneered, simply stretched out the broken arm, and squeezed a few drops of blood from the broken limb to the ground. The alpha wolf jumped up at once, squinted intoxicatedly, and licked the ground stained with a little bit of blood.

Only a few seconds later, the alpha wolf exploded into pieces with a “bang” sound.

Li Weilan snorted softly, licked the wounds on his wrist, picked up the “debris” from the ground piece by piece, and put them into his space.

Since the person who saved him wants him to live, he has to get something to eat to be able to survive on the way.

He was too lazy to go hunting. Since a stupid wolf ran into him, why not take it to eat on the road.



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        It’s on Chrysanthemum Garden so you’ll need to join their Discord if you haven’t already foe the password. It’s why the chapters aren’t showing up in NU. It is BL instead of BG, but a really similar concept since you also love the genre! I highly recommend it!

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