Chapter 1: TGCIR

As a 9-to-5 office worker, the only entertainment for Shen Cheng is playing mobile games to pass the time.

Her favorite type of game is simulation and management games, and she has played most of the ones available on the market. As a player who only has a short attention span and dislikes spending money on in-game purchases, Shen Cheng admits that she may be the type of player that game companies hate the most – a “free-loader”.

This has led her to give up on most simulation and management games when they enter the stage where players have to pay to win.

One day, Shen Cheng was bored and idly browsing her phone when she suddenly noticed a game with a perfect rating on the app store. The comments below were all praising its beautiful graphics, no need to grind or pay, and its particularly touching story. Shen Cheng took a glance and found that it was a simulation and management game that she liked. Out of curiosity, she clicked the “download” button.

In a matter of seconds, the game called “Last Survivor: Noah’s Ark” was downloaded and installed.

Shen Cheng silently thought to herself: “It downloaded so fast, it must be a rubbish game!”

But since she had already downloaded it, she might as well give it a try.

As soon as she entered the game, Shen Cheng wanted to quit and give it a bad review!

The game had just started and there was a sandstorm everywhere. In the midst of the heavy sandstorm, there was a little person tied to a cross, with their head hanging weakly down, and it was clear they were about to die.

Shen Cheng moved her hand to touch the little person’s face.

【You have touched a handful of yellow sand.】

【His face is already covered in dust and cannot be seen clearly.】

Indeed, the screen was blurry.

Shen Cheng pursed her lips.

She moved her fingers and placed them on the small person’s hand.

【All of his limbs are tightly bound with ropes and cannot move.】

【Do you choose to untie the ropes: Y/N?】

【Countdown begins: 10, 9…】

As soon as she touched the small person’s limbs, the game began counting down.

Was it because the small person was close to death?

Shen Cheng’s heart sank a little. She hesitated.

She didn’t know if the small person was good or bad, and she didn’t even know why he was tied up here.

But even if this was just a game, the small person was dying.

Shen Cheng’s hand trembled, almost clicking on “Exit Game”, but as she watched the countdown reach “2”, she suddenly felt a tightness in her chest, shook her head, and decided to click “Y”. In the end, she chose to untie the ropes for the small person.

As soon as the ropes were untied, the man slid weakly into the sand dune.

He was obviously completely exhausted.

He struggled in the sand dune, the wind was so strong that it even pushed his body back, his clothes tightly hugging his body, outlining a lean and muscular waist that looked particularly thin.

The wind was too strong.

Shen Cheng watched the small person on the screen being blown over by the strong wind and noticed that his arm was abnormally twisted.

The degree of that twisted arc was not something a normal arm could bend, had his arm been broken?

Even though one of his hands was broken and couldn’t exert any force, the little person’s hand still kept digging into the ground with great force. After a few seconds, his hand suddenly loosened, and the next second, he fell to the ground like he was going to be swallowed up by the sand.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t die!” Shen Cheng watched this scene, and for a moment, she almost forgot that this was just a game. She was so flustered that she poked and prodded around – what the hell? People die right at the beginning?

Just then, the strong wind suddenly stopped.

The sinking of the sand dune also stopped.

Shen Cheng’s hand touched the surface of the sand dune. With a few strokes, the sand dune was slowly peeled open, revealing a pale face buried inside.

So this is how the game is played!

Shen Cheng quickly realized how to play the game.

It seemed that her first task was to dig out the little person buried inside. This task seemed quite simple. All she had to do was keep swiping the screen to peel away the sand.

Shen Cheng kept digging for a while before finally digging the little person out of the sand dune and laying him flat on the ground.

After a moment, the little person coughed violently, coughing up a large amount of sand and blood, spitting it out on the ground.

“!!!”, Am I in a Little Red Riding Hood story?

Shen Cheng wondered if she had opened the game incorrectly. The little person was coughing his lungs out. After a while, he closed his eyes and fell unconscious.

“He’s just too tired and fell asleep,” the text on the screen read.

A “ZZZZZ” icon appeared above the little person’s head, which looked cute.

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but smile and reach out to poke the little person’s dimple on his cheek. She muttered softly, “He fell asleep just like that? He almost died a moment ago, and now he’s sleeping. Really…”

At this moment, a wolf howl suddenly came from the earphones!

On the edge of the screen, a huge wolf appeared out of nowhere. Even though it was a Q-version wolf, you could vaguely see its enormous size.

It raised its head and howled towards the edge of the screen, with a deep gaze. As it howled, several more giant wolves emerged from somewhere and followed it slowly.

And these giant beasts with green glowing eyes all looked towards the direction of the small character!


Shen Cheng realized that this was a game mission routine, despising the game for starting with a hell mode. The giant wolf’s body was more than two meters high and the small character, who was already injured and exhausted, could hardly resist it. But she involuntarily tensed up and even began to worry to the point of feeling tight in her throat.

“He’s sleeping soundly, unaware that the mutated wolf has already targeted his flesh and blood.”

“…” How could he still be sleeping?

Shen Cheng was anxious and poked the man lying next to her with her fingers, hoping to wake him up.

However, the man only moved his body slightly, avoiding her harassment and continued to sleep soundly.


Even though she knew this was a game routine, and the protagonist could not die at the beginning, Shen Cheng was still a little angry.

What to do?

At this time, the game system popped up a notification:

[Main Quest 1: Escape from the mutated wolf’s mouth. Mission reward: ‘Noah’ base construction order and map.]

Escape? What can I use to escape?

Shen Cheng looked at the unconscious small person and the approaching pack of wolves, feeling extremely anxious.

[Note: Using the system store appropriately will reduce the difficulty of the task.]

At this moment, a small line of text popped up from the system.

“I knew it, this is just a ploy to force me to spend money!”

However, even though she knew it was a ploy by the system to force her to spend money, Shen Cheng was aware of the typical behavior of most games: the first item is usually given for free. She decided to give it a try, for the sake of the poor little person.

One thing she forgot was that human nature tends to desire more and more. Even if one only plans to play a part of the game and then uninstall it, it often ends up staying on one’s device indefinitely.

She opened the system store, and while all the other items were dazzlingly expensive, the first item was free: a 24-hour protective shield.

After clicking to purchase, the system began a countdown for the shield’s usage time, which seemed to synchronize with real time, with each passing minute and second reducing the remaining time.

Shen Cheng checked the remaining time of the shield and realized that the task seemed to be stuck here. It was then that she looked outside the window and nearly screamed in terror: she was about to miss her stop!

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She had only planned to download the game to pass the time on the subway, but she had completely lost track of time and nearly missed her stop!

She hurriedly got off the train!

She quickly turned off her phone and rushed into the crowd.

What she didn’t know was that in the game, the small person slowly opened his eyes.

Li Weilan looked at the howling pack of mutated wolves outside the shield, scratching and clawing at it but unable to get in. He knew he had no way to deal with these several huge mutated wolves. He put his unbroken left hand on his forehead and blood-red eyes, and let out a low, bitter laugh twice.

Even a fifth-order mutant wolf can’t penetrate the protective shield that blocks the outside world, which is considered a fortune in this world.

Who thought it was a good idea to play a joke on him, first by taking him down from the cross, and then giving him such a high-order protective shield?

What does this person want?

Do they still want something from him?

He didn’t even know if there was anything on him that could be used by others or that was worth a protective shield of fifth order or higher.

This person is destined to lose money doing this.

He reached out and touched his chest, suddenly feeling a hard object. He took it out and saw that it was a bronze token.

There were two characters written in a flamboyant font on it: [Noah].

Li Weilan was stunned.

Noah Base?

Never heard of it.

Is it a small base?

Since the beginning of the apocalypse, survivors in various places have established various small bases, many of which were destroyed by zombie waves shortly after they were established. Noah Base, which he had never heard of, was probably just an unknown small base.

There seemed to be some markings on the cloth that wrapped the token. Li Weilan opened it and saw a map with a red circle in the middle, with the words “Noah” written on it.

The person who saved him hoped that he would go to this… Noah Base?

Sure, why not go and check it out.

Li Weilan closed his eyes and slowly stood up, ignoring his limp right arm. He oriented himself to the four cardinal directions on the map and started walking towards the marked location of “Noah Base.”

The mutated wolves obviously weren’t happy about losing their prey that was right in front of them. They wanted to catch up, but he sneered, remembering something. He decided to stretch out his already broken arm and squeezed out a few drops of blood onto the ground from the wound. The lead wolf immediately pounced and began licking up the blood with its eyes closed in ecstasy.

Just a few seconds later, the head wolf “bang” exploded into a pile of minced meat.

Li Weilan sneered and licked the wounds on his wrist. He picked up the fallen pieces of meat on the ground and put it into his portable space. Since the person who saved him wanted him alive, he had to bring some food with him on the road.

He was too lazy to go hunting, and since the stupid wolves had come to him, he might as well take them along.



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