Chapter 2: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

After a busy afternoon, Xu Qing finally finished tidying up the vegetable garden in the courtyard. He divided it into two plots, one on the right and one on the left of the courtyard gate. The vegetable plots were enclosed with dense bamboo strips in order to protect them from mischievous chickens. “Speaking of which, I don’t even know what happened to the original owner. They didn’t even keep the most common farm animals like pigs and chickens.”

Xu Qing cleaned up the scattered debris in the courtyard and threw them under a large banyan tree outside. He then returned to the kitchen, scooped some hot water from the pot he used to cook lunch, and poured it into a wooden basin. Carrying the basin, he walked to a wooden face-washing stand not far from the well. He placed a rectangular cloth on the side of the basin and splashed the water onto his face. To his surprise, he felt a slight stinging and itching sensation on his face.

“Tsk, it seems quite serious.” Xu Qing carefully rinsed his face with water and gently wiped off the water stains with the cloth. It was not easy for a guy to wash his face like this, but he had to do it slowly to avoid worsening the condition. The original owner neglected his own face and even hesitated to wash it sometimes. This was unacceptable for Xu Qing, who loved cleanliness.

After pouring the water from the basin into a small drainage ditch, Xu Qing went back to the kitchen and fetched another basin of hot water. This time, before washing his face, he held his slender hand above the basin. Soon, two streams of water flowed out from his index and middle fingers. This was the spiritual spring in the space. Due to the accumulation of toxins on his face for a long time, it needed gradual adjustment. It also prevented the villagers from noticing his rapid changes. Therefore, he only used a small amount of the spiritual spring mixed with hot water to wash his face.

After washing his face, Xu Qing put away the basin and cloth, then returned to the kitchen to heat up some water. After a busy day, even though it was late winter, he was sweating. When he finished his shower, it was already pitch dark outside. He carefully extinguished the oil lamp and stir-fried the leftover garlic sprouts with rice to make a simple fried rice dish. When he finished cleaning up and lay down on the bed made of corn husks, covered with a patched bedsheet, it was probably around 9 o’clock at night. In ancient times, there were no entertainment activities at night, and since he was single, he simply went to bed early.

“Tomorrow, I’ll go to the market to get a little piglet and some chicks. I also need to buy a few more clothes and maybe get a puppy to guard the house…” As Xu Qing thought about these things, he hugged the quilt tightly around his body and soon fell asleep. It was the most comfortable and peaceful sleep he had ever experienced in this new world.

When the faint light of dawn seeped into the room, Xu Qing yawned and got out of bed, braving the slight chill outside his covers. He quickly put on a pair of dark blue clothes, the only outfit without patches that belonged to the original owner. After tidying up, he started the stove, filled it with water and corn, and prepared to cook corn porridge. Then he went to the well and fetched the willow branches that had been soaked in a wooden barrel yesterday. These willow branches served as his simple mouthwash tool, based on traditional Chinese culture. He soaked the willow branches in water, and when he needed to use them, he would bite open the branches, and the willow fibers inside would spread out like tiny wooden bristles, making a convenient toothbrush. After rinsing his mouth, he used a mixture of spiritual spring and water to wash his face. Feeling no more discomfort like yesterday’s stinging sensation, he enjoyed a good breakfast with a cheerful mood. He locked the courtyard gate and headed towards the village in the south. He couldn’t find the way to the market, so he had to go find Xie Ama.

Xie Ama was the one who often helped the original owner with seedlings. He was from Jixiang Village and married into the Xie family in Xingfu Village. He had a ger-son the following year but unfortunately didn’t have any more children afterward. However, without in-laws, their life was relatively better. Last year, their only son got married and moved to the town, causing envy among the unmarried young gers in the village. If they had known, they would have chosen to marry into the town. Xie Ama’s house was the first one Xu Qing saw on his way from his house to the village. It was a rare house in the village, made of green bricks and large tiles, consisting of three rooms. The exterior was also surrounded by stone walls, although not as tall as the walls around Xu Qing’s house. This was thanks to Xu Qing’s father’s help, and their family had the best relationship with Xie Ama’s family.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

“Who is it?” A rough male voice sounded.

“Quick, go open the door. It should be Brother Qing coming for seeds,” a softer voice replied, giving the impression that the person was easygoing.

“It’s me, Brother Qing,” Xu Qing replied somewhat uneasily. “Brother Qing,” he really wasn’t used to it.

After a few rustling sounds behind the courtyard gate, the door opened. “Hey, Brother Qing, come in quickly. We’re just having breakfast!” Uncle Xie was a tall man, almost 1.8 meters in height. Not only did he have a booming voice, but he also had a sturdy physique, not at all like someone in their forties. “No need, Uncle Xie. I’ve already eaten. I just wanted to ask if you’re going to the market today,” Xu Qing looked at Uncle Xie’s height and then thought about his own small frame, feeling a bit disheartened.

“Brother Qing, come inside. There’s no need to stand out here for so long.” Xie Ama also walked up to the courtyard gate and directly pushed Uncle Xie aside, heading straight to Xu Qing’s side. He warmly took his hand and led him into the courtyard. Xie Ama was probably around 1.7 meters tall, with a slightly slender figure and gentle features that made people feel at ease. Xu Qing felt a bit embarrassed, but he didn’t refuse Xie Ama’s affectionate gesture. “You really ate? Don’t try to fool Ama, or I won’t spare you.” After Xu Qing repeatedly assured him, he finally let him off and they began to have breakfast.

There were no strict rules for meals in rural households. Xie Ama’s family ate in the main room, but many families, due to having too many people, ate in the courtyard. “You want to go to the market? That’s a good thing. Young people should be active! I’ll tidy up shortly and take you to get familiar with the way.”

Upon hearing that Xu Qing wanted to go to the market, Xie Ama quickly finished his breakfast and grabbed a basket. Inside the basket were the eggs they had saved at home, which he planned to sell at the market. “No need to rush, Xie Ama. There’s no hurry.”

Seeing Xie Ama’s anxious appearance, Xu Qing found it amusing and felt an inexplicable sense of warmth. “Why not hurry? The sooner we go, the more we can explore. Come on, let’s go. The head of the household, you won’t go today. Brother Qing and I will go and explore!”

“Alright, go ahead. Be careful on the way.”

“Goodbye, Uncle Xie.”

“Go on, have a good time exploring!”

Xie Ama’s house was located at the end of Xingfu Village, so there was a fork in the road next to the path Xu Qing had just taken. They could directly bypass the village from there and head straight to the market. Those who lived closer to the village’s end took this route, while others who lived closer to the village entrance took the other road. The distances of the two routes were similar. Xu Qing and Xie Ama took the forked road towards the village’s end. It was still early, and there weren’t many people on the way. They encountered a donkey cart that specifically transported people halfway. It cost three wen per person to be taken to the market. It took about half an hour, or an hour, to walk from Xingfu Village to the market. Three wen was a good deal. Xu Qing’s fare was forcefully paid by Xie Ama, and he didn’t argue. He only thought of repaying the other person’s kindness in the future and not losing their bond.

“You’re Brother Qing from the Xu family, right?” The man pulling the cart was from the neighboring village, surnamed Li. People usually called him “Uncle Li.”

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“Yes, Uncle Li, how do you know me?” Xu Qing pressed Xie Ama’s hand, signaling him not to get too excited. Xie Ama thought Uncle Li would say something never-ending when he heard him mention Xu Qing, so his emotions were a bit agitated. “Your father and I have some acquaintance. He used to mention you often.”

“Oh, really? That’s quite a coincidence.” Xu Qing smiled slightly. Despite his thin and acne-covered face, although he didn’t appear outstanding, his dark and sparkling eyes added a touch of brightness to his face. Xu Qing’s smile caught Xie Ama’s attention, and his heart felt somewhat heavy. How could such a good child…

“You, young man, should get out and about more. The most important thing for a young man is to know how to live, not just rely on appearances to get by! It’s all about character!” Uncle Li’s hearty voice echoed, expressing words that Xie Ama wholeheartedly agreed with. “That’s right, that’s right! Brother Qing here knows how to live. Those blind fools deserve to be deceived by appearances!” Xu Qing stared in astonishment at Xie Ama and Uncle Li as they chatted animatedly, occasionally gesturing with their hands and bursting into laughter when they reached a point they found amusing!

It seemed that Xie Ama was not as calm as he appeared. However, unexpectedly, he was very friendly. Xu Qing squinted his dark, shiny eyes, and he found himself smiling along with Xie Ama and Uncle Li. “During noon, I also work here as a cart puller. Just come here directly when the time comes.” After thanking Uncle Li, Xu Qing and Xie Ama went to the street where vegetables were sold and found a spot to place their basket. They took out the eggs from the basket and placed them on a clean cloth, waiting for potential buyers to approach. “Brother Qing, after Ama sells the eggs, we can have a good stroll around.” Xu Qing was busy observing the market and, upon hearing this, immediately replied, “No rush, no rush.”

He smiled and showed his white teeth to Xie Ama.

This attracted the attention of the nearby vegetable sellers and buyers, who secretly glanced at him. “Tsk tsk, why is this young man’s face covered in acne? What a pity…”

Xie Ama quickly scanned the surroundings, and the onlookers immediately averted their gazes.

“Pay no attention to them. Brother Qing is the most handsome. They just have no taste.”

Xu Qing: …………

With his height of only 165 centimeters, he was not only thin and small, but his face was also covered in acne. Even if he didn’t have acne, he would only be considered an average-looking guy with slightly larger, darker eyes. At most, he could be described as a fresh-faced young man. How could he possibly be considered “handsome”?

The market wasn’t very big, but it was crowded. People from the three surrounding villages all came here to the market. So, there was a considerable flow of people. The sellers were mostly farmers selling their own produce. On the right side of the street were the vegetable sellers, and on the left were the chicken and wild game sellers. Oh, there was even a rabbit seller. Just a bit further ahead was the pork stall, where you had to pay. All in all, this market may be small, but it had a little bit of everything.



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    Sheesh…appearances seem to be important whether ancient or modern world -_-! The entry of the spring water!! Xu Qing is self-reliant XD. One of the few novels where the MC’s economic conditions are not dirt poor and has a house better than the rest of the village in the very beginning. Great job translator-san!

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    What I hate the most is judging people by their appearance it’s completely stupid 😒

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      They called the older gers Ama. Not sure if it’s like aunty in Chinese but later I thought it was also weird so I stopped using aunty and used Ama instead 🥲

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      Hello there, it is more like Xiao Qing or Ah Qing 😃

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