Chapter 48: The Ugly Ger’s Farming Story

“Tomorrow, I’ll go to the town with Lin Fangliang. If there’s anything you want to eat, I’ll bring it back,” Li Changfeng said as he embraced Xu Qing, discussing their plans for tomorrow. He had already discussed it with Lin Fangliang today to eliminate the Ma family’s troubles as soon as possible. Lin Fangliang had been wanting to deal with Ma Fugui for a long time, especially for the sake of Xie Yu. In just two days, he had gathered information about Ma Fugui’s daily routines. There were plenty of ways to deal with him!

Xu Qing shook his head. “There’s nothing to bring back. Why are you thinking of going to the town?”

Li Changfeng tightened his embrace on Xu Qing, and his hands and feet began to wander mischievously. “To help him overcome some small obstacles, wife…”

“Forget about it and go to sleep!”

Xu Qing also needed a day of rest. It wasn’t fair to take advantage of him every day and tire out. Lately, his lack of sleep had caused him to extend his daytime nap.

Li Changfeng reluctantly stopped his hands and slowly massaged Xu Qing’s waist. Surprisingly, this action didn’t provoke any further objections from Xu Qing. Instead, he shifted to the side, making it easier for Li Changfeng to continue.


After having breakfast, Ma Fugui headed to a noisy tavern. Today was market day, and he was supposed to go directly to the grocery store. However, during breakfast, one of his good friends came to find him, saying that he had something to discuss and suggested meeting at this tavern they often frequented.

Ma Fugui approached a table where a chubby man was already seated. “Wang Wu, what’s the matter? Why do you have to talk at this time? You better speak quickly. I still need to go to the shop later, and my father alone can’t handle everything.” Due to some rumors, more and more people were gathering at their shop just for the fun of it, without buying anything. Watching a group of gers was also a kind of enjoyment.

Wang Wu grinned, and his round face looked even plumper. “It’s been a while since we gathered like this. The stories about you have been spreading far and wide. Come on, tell me, what’s going on?” He casually filled the cups on the table with alcohol and pushed one in front of Ma Fugui.

Ma Fugui looked at the drink in front of him, feeling tempted. It had been a while since he had enjoyed a proper drink. He thought to himself that with Old Man Ma present in the shop, it wouldn’t be a problem if he had a little. The alcohol wasn’t strong anyway. “When did you become such a gossip-loving guy, just like those gers who enjoy spreading rumors!”

Ma Fugui drank up a bowl of alcohol with gusto. “Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve enjoyed drinking like this! Another one!”

Wang Wu, with his small eyes squeezed in his plump face, watched Ma Fugui finish the bowl of alcohol without leaving a drop, his eyes shining with excitement.

“I’m just concerned about my brother! Come on, come on! Keep drinking!” Wang Wu refilled Ma Fugui’s cup and handed it to him. Ma Fugui was in high spirits and took it directly, drinking it down without noticing that Wang Wu hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol from start to finish.

After a few consecutive bowls, Ma Fugui was already feeling dizzy. “This is strange. On regular days, I can drink several large jars without a problem. But why today, hiccup~, I can’t handle it anymore…”

Wang Wu stood up and pushed Ma Fugui, who was already lying on the table. “Old Ma! Old Ma!” Seeing that Ma Fugui still didn’t react, Wang Wu chuckled and leisurely sat back down. He took out the bulging money pouch from his pocket and kissed it. He had made a fortune this time!

Li Changfeng returned home in the afternoon. He bought some snacks that Xu Qing liked and also prepared a piece of pork belly and a slab of pork. The oil in the house was running low, so they needed to make some more.

Xu Qing ate the snacks and watched Li Changfeng cooking the oil. “Tell me, what did you do in the town? You’re in such a good mood.”

Li Changfeng smiled at the question. “I introduced a wife to Ma Fugui, someone who will manage and discipline him.”

“A wife? Do you know him?”

Li Changfeng shook his head. “I don’t know him. It was arranged by Lin Fangliang. He’s from the town and very good at managing a household. Since the Ma family is in business, they might need someone who is frugal and meticulous.”

Xu Qing raised an eyebrow. Don’t think that he didn’t understand the satisfaction in Li Changfeng’s tone. Frugal and meticulous? In other words, just stingy, right?

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After Li Changfeng and Xu Qing finished their meal and rested, the Ma family in town was about to have a sleepless night.

“Look! Take a good look! Isn’t that your despicable Fugui from your family?” A stern middle-aged man with thick eyebrows grabbed a disheveled man reeking of alcohol and shouted at the Ma couple.

Ma Ama looked at Ma Fugui, who was being held in the man’s hand, and his vision seemed to darken. This was just too embarrassing! How could his good son get involved with such a worthless creature! Old Man Ma couldn’t speak, so he could only gesture and gesture towards the man.

“What? You want me to let him go? Fine! If you let your son marry into our family, then our families will be in-laws! This matter will turn into a joyous event for everyone!” the man proclaimed.

“Marry your abandoned son from your family?!” Ma Ama couldn’t care less about his darkening vision because the man’s words were even more unbelievable! Who in this town didn’t know that Yang Daniu’s ger son was big and burly, not to mention his fiery temper! He often beat up his ex-husband even in broad daylight, leaving the man bruised and swollen! And he was also stingy! How could such a ger be worthy of his outstanding Fugui?

Upon hearing Ma Ama’s words, Yang Daniu became displeased. He forcefully pulled the still snoring Ma Fugui. “What abandoned? It’s my son who has no interest in that guy! My son abandoned him! Hmph, you almost fooled us. Quick! Your son harassed my son. Give me a satisfactory explanation!”

Ma Ama trembled and pointed at Yang Daniu with his shaking finger. “What do you mean by harassing your son? My son, Fugui, is a respectable and literate man. He wouldn’t stoop to such filthy deeds!”

Yang Daniu also had a hot temper. After listening to this, he directly threw Ma Fugui in his hand with a loud thud, the heavy sound of Ma Fugui hitting the ground. There was no need to look at the Ma couple’s pained expressions on their faces. It was clear that they were not only listening but also feeling the pain. But strangely enough, despite being thrown like that, Ma Fugui didn’t show any signs of waking up.

“You disaster of a person! How dare you treat our Fugui like this! Are you asking for death? Go find Wu San’er! His cousin was bullied into this state! Hurry up!” Ma Ama ran over to check on Ma Fugui’s condition while shouting at Old Man Ma, who had followed him, asking him to find Wu San’er, who worked at the yamen.

Yang Daniu let Old Man Ma run out without any panic on his face. Instead, he turned around and sat confidently on a chair, looking at Ma Ama crouching on the ground and Ma Fugui held in his embrace. “What’s this? Your son has slept in my son’s bed, and now that the deed is done, you still have the audacity to deny it and want to leave just like that? This fucking thing you’re doing without mercy, you think only your family can do?!”

Ma Ama’s heart skipped a beat. The reason their family had managed to maintain a somewhat respectable image in town over the years was all thanks to Wu San’er working at the yamen. Everyone in the neighborhood had to give them some face. But why did Yang Daniu show no signs of panic? Something wasn’t right. Ma Ama hadn’t heard of any other connections the Yang family had.

“Spit, spit, spit! What vulgar language you’re speaking! My Fugui is innocent! Who knows, maybe it’s your son who couldn’t resist loneliness and forced himself on my beautiful Fugui!” Who was shameless? The Yang family was the epitome of shamelessness!


Lin Fangliang sat in the main hall chatting with a refined-looking man. “I’m entrusting this matter to you, brother! I, Lin Fangliang, owe you a favor!”

The refined man chuckled, “What are you saying? If it weren’t for your father saving my father’s life, I would have run off somewhere long ago to seek help. Leave this matter to me! It’s getting late, so I won’t bother you any longer. Goodbye!”

“Take care, brother! Let’s have a drink together when we have the time!” Lin Fangliang escorted the refined man to the door. After watching him leave, he closed the courtyard gate with a faint smile and walked briskly towards his own room.


Lin Fangliang turned towards the voice and saw his father, Old Doctor Lin, returning from his shop. “I just saw that storyteller kid. What was he doing at our house?”

Lin Fangliang walked over and took the medicine box that Old Doctor Lin had slung over his shoulder, supporting him as they headed towards the main hall. “It’s nothing. He came to ask about his father’s condition and if there’s anything else to be aware of. You know how they have relied on each other for so many years. With his father suddenly falling seriously ill, it’s only natural to worry.”

Old Doctor Lin sat down on a chair, accepting the hot tea poured by Lin Fangliang. Thinking about that father and son, he couldn’t help but sigh. “That man is already approaching the end of his days. The medicine I prescribed only maintains a flicker of life within him.”

“Oh, by the way, let me ask you. Have you seen the Mongolian sweat medicine I kept in the third compartment of the right cabinet? I locked it up, and that medicine is not something to be taken lightly. Why is more than half of it missing? Speak up! What did you do with it?”

Lin Fangliang touched his nose. “I gave it to someone.” He poured it into wine and made Ma Fugui drink it. That counts as giving, right?

“Gave it to someone? Who did you give it to? Using it inappropriately is not a good thing!” Upon hearing that it was given away, Old Doctor Lin placed his teacup on the table and looked displeased at Lin Fangliang.

Lin Fangliang hurriedly tried to appease his father. “I gave it to Li Changfeng. He uses it for legitimate purposes. Don’t worry, I only gave him a little bit. I kept the rest. I’ll put it back in the shop tomorrow. It’s getting late now. Let me fetch some water for you to wash your feet!”

“This kid!”

Lin Fangliang slipped away quickly, leaving the Old Doctor Lin to look at his back and shook his head, alas, that storyteller’s father’s deadline is approaching, and his deadline is also not far away! He doesn’t know how this kid Fangliang is chasing people. If there is someone to accompany Fangliang, he can leave with peace of mind. When he goes to the underworld, he would have an explanation for his wife.


In the middle of the night, Xu Qing woke up from his sleep, and when he moved, Li Changfeng woke up, “What’s wrong, you’re sweating! Did you have a nightmare, I’ll go get you some water to wipe.”

Xu Qing nodded. He hadn’t dreamed of the apocalypse for a long time. How could he suddenly dream of the scene when he was crushed and killed!

“Are you all right?” After Li Changfeng wiped Xu Qing, he slipped into the quilt, hugged his wife. Xu Qing obediently nestled into Li Changfeng’s arms, “Changfeng, I want.”

Li Changfeng’s eyes lit up, but he was a little hesitant when he thought that Xu Qing had just had a nightmare, but his little brother had already raised his head high, just from Xu Qing’s initiation!

“No? If you don’t want to, let’s just go to sleep!”

Seeing that Li Changfeng didn’t move, Xu Qing deliberately instigated him. Li Changfeng hurriedly pulled Xu Qing back into his arms and pressed down hard, “You asked for it!”




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