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Old Doctor Lin looked at Lin Fangliang’s anxious look, and said no more, “Go, go.”

Wei Lao Er and Li Changfeng drank the rest of the wine in equal parts, and the two of them didn’t even blushed. Xu Qing took Li Changfeng’s wine cup and smelled it. Sure enough, the alcohol content was very low. Wei Lao Er was eating fish and saw Xu Qing looking at the wine cup, he thought he wanted to drink it, “Brother Xu didn’t tell me earlier, let Brother Li keep some for you!”

Just now at the dinner table, Xu Qing became well-acquainted with Wei Lao Er. Just one meal and Wei Lao Er is already calling Xu Qing brother. It was quite nice. The original body has no relatives alive, so Xu Qing is not afraid of others spreading foul words, Li Changfeng and Wei Wei are good brothers, so it is normal to call him brother. If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

Xu Qing put down the wine cup, pushed it in front of Li Changfeng, who was looking at him, and shook his head at Wei Lao Er, “No, I just want to know what it smells like, whether it’s strong or not.”

Wei Lao Er patted his thigh and laughed loudly, “This wine isn’t so strong, it’s all mixed with some water, this is just to get in the mood!” Li Changfeng also nodded in agreement.

“It’s mixed with water? How do you know? Then, how come there are still people buying it?”

Li Changfeng answered, “because people cannot afford to eat after paying taxes and grains, what else could they use to make wine! The wine sold in this market is also recognized as of decent quality, regardless of being mixed with water, just like what Second Brother Wei said, here, try it.” Xu Qing didn’t get the answer he wanted and was about to ask again, a rather familiar voice came.

As soon as Xu Qing and the others turned their heads, they saw Lin Fangliang, who was carrying a load of stuff and some food in his hands, standing on the eaves of the main room, smiling at them: “Uncle Li, who pulled the donkey cart, pointed the way for me, the gate of this courtyard is not closed, just in time for lunch.  When I heard Second Brother Wei’s voice, I came in, I apologize for being rude.”

Xu Qing really didn’t expect Lin Fangliang to come so quickly. Although Li Changfeng was a little surprised, he didn’t show it. He already knew that this kid couldn’t bear it for a long time. If you’re not reading this on ho lolo novels, this chapter is not complete. Some parts will be missing.

Lin Fangliang handed over the food he bought to Xu Qing, sat calmly at the dining table, looked at the contents of Wei Lao Er’s bowl, and became very interested, “What are you staring, Brother Xu is my brother now! I came to congratulate them on their wedding.”     

Xu Qing went to the kitchen and took a few bowls, poured all the food that Lin Fangliang brought into it, and brought it to the table, “This dish is still hot, so let’s eat it soon. I’ll make a good meal next time.”

Lin Fangliang has already started eating boiled fish, um, it’s delicious!  He just likes things with a strong taste, and he never thought that this spiny fish could have such flavor!  “Okay! Then can I have this again!”

Wei Lao Er laughed, “You boy, like me, likes strong flavors! It’s delicious! I’ll let my fiancee try making it when I go back, so I can save some money on meat in the future!”

“Then I’ll tell you how to make it. Just cook according to my instructions and it’s easy.” Xu Qing did not hide this method of boiling fish. He wanted to have more wood work in the village in the future so, it’s important to make good connections, and this fish is a only boiled dish, and pepper is not available in every household to replicate it exactly.

While Xu Qing was talking about how to boil the fish, Li Changfeng kept staring at a large piece of baggage that Lin Fangliang put on the stool, Li Changfeng narrowed his narrow eyes slightly, this kid looks like he is going to live here forever!  Li Changfeng felt uncomfortable when he remembered that he had no nighttime activities for two days. Why did he ask Lin Fangliang to come and play in the first place!

When Lin Fangliang was listening to Xu Qing talking about the method of the spiny fish, he always felt that Li Changfeng’s gloomy eyes had been swept over him. He quickly turned around and asked Li Changfeng what was going on.  Li Changfeng is the most difficult person to deal with, and his heart is dark! Thank you for reading this novel on hololonovels.

Li Changfeng was thinking about being disturbed in the night activities, but Lin Fangliang didn’t receive the message from his friend’s glares at all. After Xu Qing and Wei Lao Er finished talking, they saw Li Changfeng and Lin Fangliang “looking at each other ‘affectionately.’

“What are you two doing?” Wei Lao Er was straightforward and asked directly. Xu Qing didn’t say a word, but his eyes towards Li Changfeng were not very friendly. Even when he was just looking, Li Changfeng felt not so comfortable in his heart.

Lin Fangliang and Li Changfeng hurriedly turned their eyes, Li Changfeng saw the curious Wei Lao Er, his eyes slightly brightened, “That’s it, Lin Zi and I are discussing that he wants to stay at your house for a few days, and I don’t know if you are willing or not. ” There is only one eldest brother in Wei’s second family, and Wei Ama, Uncle Wei, so it is more convenient than staying with them, and no one else can gossip.

Lin Fangliang was about to refute, but he had inquired about it on the way here. This Xu family is very close to Xie Ge’er’s house, and he doesn’t know where the second Wei’s family is!  If he is far away from Brother Xie, he will be sad!

“Of course you can! It’s ready to move in, Lin Zi, let’s go! Come and see my house!” Wei Lao Er is very warm-hearted, thinking that his good brother is going to his house, he was in a good mood!

“I…!” Lin Fangliang was afraid of the enthusiasm of the second Wei. He was about to fight for himself, but he was faced with the threat of Li Changfeng’s eyes. Lin Fangliang was stunned, and he saw Xu Qing who was beside him with a blank face. He remembered when he went out.  The words Old Doctor Lin said had to be swallowed down to his throat. He should say goodbye to Lin Changfeng and Xu Qing, and then go to Second Wei’s house.

“You take a break, I’ll clean up!” Li Changfeng pressed Xu Qing, who was about to clean up the dishes, and neatly tidied up the dining table, Xu Qing didn’t bother anymore, he likes to cook, but he doesn’t like to wash the dishes, “You guys, what were you calculating?” Don’t think that he didn’t see the erratic eyes between the two, you don’t need to guess to know that there is something wrong with them!

“I just like to be at home with two people at night, and I don’t like to have one more person to be an eyesore. Besides, isn’t he looking for Brother Xie? Brother Wei’s house is in the village, which is convenient for him!” Li Changfeng didn’t hide what Xu Qing thought. In front of Xu Qing, he has always been in an unreserved state.

Xu Qing followed Li Changfeng into the kitchen, watching the tall man wash the dishes carefully, and suddenly felt that he really couldn’t leave Li Changfeng more and more, “You can’t think like that, there will always be a third person in the future.”

After listening to this, Li Changfeng raised his head and looked at Xu Qing who was smiling at him. After a long time, he showed a huge smile, “Okay!”

Lin Fangliang sat on the donkey cart with Wei Lao Er, constantly looking at the houses at the end of the village, “Second Brother Wei, I want to ask you something.” Wei Lao Er held the donkey cart and swayed, “Tell me, there do you want to know.”

“A few years ago, I met an uncle named Xie in Xingfu Village, and we made quite a connection. I don’t know where his family lives?” Lin Fangliang came from Xu Qing’s house, and now he doesn’t know which one at the end of the village belongs to Brother Xie.  He had been looking at the house for a long time. Uncle Li said it was the first house at the end of the village, but how could he see several houses side by side?

“Oh, it’s just at another fork in the road from Brother Xu’s house. His family name is Xie in the village.”

Lin Fangliang almost jumped up, “Meaning we didn’t take that road?!” Second Wei didn’t notice anything wrong, “Yes, this road is closer to my home, you want to find him? There is time, let’s go to my place first!”

“It’s not a question of visiting him or going to your place first…” Lin Fangliang was about to get drunk. He still wanted to sneak past the gate of Xie Ge’er’s courtyard. Would he be lucky enough to meet him? If he could hear Xie Ge’er’s voice, he would be very happy! Thank you for reading this novel on hololonovels.

After tidying up the kitchen, the rain has stopped outside, and Li Changfeng has also started constructing the wardrobes. Xu Qing looked at the pine trees in the yard and touched them, “Is it true that no one has thought about using other woods for furniture?”

You must know that pine wood furniture is not sun-resistant, and it is easy to change color when exposed to the sun, and due to the characteristics of pine itself, the water content is high and the texture is soft, so it is not as firm as other solid wood, and it is more prone to cracking and deformation.

Although pine is naturally simple, fresh and bright, close to nature, it also has its own disadvantages. Pine furniture is not moisture-proof, and it is easy to change color when exposed to moisture.

Li Changfeng was busy dealing with the wood, but when he heard Xu Qing’s question, he answered patiently again: “It’s really not true, because the use of pine wood for furniture was thought of by someone a long time ago. I heard that people used to use bamboo or stone.”

Xu Qing becomes more and more happy the more he listens, “Then do you know what people outside make?” It’s too far away from the capital, and the world outside is very big. Maybe someone has used other wood to make furniture?

Li Changfeng shook his head, “I don’t know. Why do you want to use other wood? Although I haven’t tried it, I can do it if you want.”

“I just think that the color of pine wood is not good for furniture, and I want to try other woods to make it. If so, won’t we stand out among many carpenters?”

“Okay, listen to you, let’s try it.” As long as Xu Qing wants something, Li Changfeng will not refuse. Happy wife, happy life, listening to him is just right.

Xu Qing pursed his lips, “Listen to me, you are not afraid that I could be wrong?” Li Changfeng is obviously a black-bellied person, but he always does whatever Xu Qing asks. Xu Qing began to feel that Li Changfeng was taking himself too serious.

Li Changfeng helplessly stopped his work, “Then I have made a decision, didn’t you agree?”

Hearing this, Xu Qing instantly felt that he was wronged, “What decision did you make? Why didn’t I agree?”

Li Changfeng bent over to approach Xu Qing, and bit Xu Qing’s ear lightly, “This morning, I said…”, with Li Changfeng’s words, Xu Qing’s face became more and more red, “In the end, didn’t you agree?”

Xu Qing pushed Li Changfeng away, turned around and left, “I’m going to go cut hogweed, just do your job!” He was too embarrassed to stay here!

He didn’t want to be in heat early in the morning. Li Changfeng said there were other ways for him to try it. At first, he was curious about the method. After listening to the followup words, he slapped Li Changfeng’s head directly. Click “NEXT” at the bottom of the page for the actual ending.

Seeing Xu Qing’s annoyed appearance, Li Changfeng’s face was flushed, and his eyes were wet, just like what they looked like after they did it, and he didn’t know if he would have a chance to eat meat tonight.


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