Chapter 31: The Ugly Ger’s Plowing Story

After lunch, the light rain outside continued to fall steadily without any sign of stopping. “I’m going to visit Xie Ama’s house to express my gratitude. What about you?” Xu Qing took an umbrella and prepared to go to the village. “I’m going to discuss the design of the wooden cabinet with Wei Er at his house. Let’s go together.” Li Changfeng didn’t open his own umbrella and instead shared one with Xu Qing, walking shoulder to shoulder. When they arrived at the entrance of Xie’s house, Li Changfeng reluctantly opened his own umbrella and bid farewell to Xu Qing.

The Xie family had also just finished their lunch. Uncle Xie was in the kitchen making medicine for Xie Yu, and Xie Ama opened the courtyard gate for Xu Qing. “Come in quickly. Your Brother Xie is in the main hall!” Following Xie Ama into the main hall, Xu Qing saw Xie Yu sitting there. There was no denying that Xie Yu was truly a refined and elegant man. Compared to Xie Ama, there was an added sense of tranquility in Xie Yu, perhaps due to his long-term illness, which gave him a strangely beautiful aura. Xu Qing felt like he didn’t want to wash his eyes anymore. This was a living embodiment of a mature and handsome man.

It had been a long time since Xie Yu had seen Xu Qing. Xu Qing’s face, as described by Xie Ama, had indeed completely recovered, and he looked more spirited than before, without the previous gloominess.

“Is Brother Xie feeling better?” Xu Qing sat next to Xie Yu, closely examining his face, which still showed signs of illness but exuded a vibrant charm. Xie Yu nodded with a smile that fascinated Xu Qing. “Thanks to the pickled vegetables you brought, not only did it whet my appetite, but my body also feels much better.” His voice was so pleasant to listen to!

“No kidding! Look, today Brother Xie even got out of bed and had a meal with us!” Xie Ama’s spirits improved along with Xie Yu’s recovery. As long as his son’s health improved, nothing could be too difficult to handle!

“It’s nothing. As long as Brother Xie can eat it, I’ll bring it to you every day!” Xu Qing’s eager expression amused both Xie Ama and Xie Yu. They say that some people instantly click when they meet, and it couldn’t be more appropriate for Xu Qing and Xie Yu. Xie Yu had never had much contact with the original body, so he had never had a heartfelt conversation like today. As they talked, the two of them became more and more in sync, and a faint blush appeared on Xie Yu’s pale face.

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“Brother Xie, you look really handsome!” Xu Qing gazed at Xie Yu’s face and couldn’t help but blurt out the compliment. In his eyes, a beautiful man was a beautiful man, no matter what.

“Ah,” Xie Yu didn’t expect Xu Qing to say such things to him. He was a bit surprised and a bit shy. Over the years, no one had ever praised him so directly. Even during the time when Ma Fugui pursued him, he had never heard such straightforward words. But as soon as he thought of Ma Fugui, the smile on Xie Yu’s face faded away. A day of husbandly affection is worth a hundred days, after all, they had been living together for so many years, but now… sigh, it’s also because of his own body’s condition.

Seeing the expression on Xie Yu’s face, Xie Ama knew what he was thinking. He gave Xu Qing a signal with her eyes, “You two continue chatting. I’ll go check if the old man has finished making the medicine.” Their son was thoughtful and filial, keeping all the things that troubled him in his heart without letting them or his elderly partner worry. But little did he know that his behavior worried the Xie couple even more. Seeing that Xu Qing and Xie Yu got along well, Xie Ama felt relieved. He hoped that Xie Yu could have a good conversation with Xu Qing about the things he didn’t want to talk about, as they were close in age and could communicate well.

“They’re all very worried about you, Brother Xie. You have to recover quickly,” Xu Qing looked at Xie Yu as he gently stated the facts he had observed. “I know, but I’m just so weak. I make them worry for me,” Xie Yu’s eyes turned slightly red. Somehow, in front of Xu Qing, he didn’t want to put up any defenses anymore. He wanted to confide in him.

“It’s not your fault at all. You’re so good and kind. I think it’s more like the Ma family’s fault for having a black heart!” Xu Qing was filled with anger at the thought of such a good person like Xie Yu being abandoned for such a ridiculous reason.

“It’s not as good as you say,” as he watched Xu Qing getting indignant on his behalf, Xie Yu suddenly felt that the matter wasn’t that significant. Even if he would never have children in his lifetime, he could only say that he and the child were not destined to be together. Because of this incident, he saw through a person who used to be his pillow companion. He felt that fate had given him another path.

Seeing the melancholy in Xie Yu’s eyes gradually dissipating, Xu Qing knew that he had come to some realization. “It’s a bit cold today. I’ll go find Xie Ama and get some hot water for you to drink.” Seeing that the water in front of Xie Yu was no longer steaming, Xu Qing immediately volunteered to serve the handsome man.

“What’s wrong?” Xie Ama and uncle were in the kitchen when they saw Xu Qing entering. They thought something had happened, so they hurriedly asked. Xu Qing waved his hand casually, “Nothing, I just noticed that Brother Xie’s water had cooled down, so I came in to change it to something hot. It’ll be more comfortable for him to drink.” Uncle Xie quickly took the bowl from Xu Qing’s hand and replaced it with freshly boiled water. “Thank you, Xu Qing. Please talk to our Brother Xie more. He keeps everything to himself, and that’s not a good thing.”

Xu Qing nodded, holding the bowl and walking out of the kitchen, out of the sight of Xie’s couple. After that, he dropped a few drops of Spiritual Spring water into the bowl. Although the weak and sickly handsome man was pleasing to the eye, Xu Qing hoped to see the real, down-to-earth Xie Yu.

“Thank you for your trouble, Brother Qing,” Xie Yu took the bowl and expressed his gratitude. His health wasn’t very good either. Originally, when Xu Qing came to his house, he should have been the one to offer tea and pour water for Xu Qing. But instead, he ended up inconveniencing the guest by asking him to pour water for himself.

“It’s nothing. I’ll come often in the future. Don’t find me annoying. It’s cold today, so have a sip and warm up your body,” Xu Qing said. Seeing Xie Yu sipping the water slowly, Xu Qing also felt relieved. After drinking water mixed with Spiritual Spring water, Xie Yu’s body would improve in a few days. As for the matter of Xie Ama mentioning the difficulty of conceiving, it would need further consideration. Xu Qing didn’t know if Spiritual Spring water could help Xie Yu in this aspect.

“Knock, knock! Knock, knock!”

“Coming! Coming!” Uncle Xie asked Xu Qing, who was standing at the entrance of the living room, to go inside. He himself braved the drizzle and opened the door. Outside the door stood a guy who was about the same age as Xie Yu. He was thin, with slightly yellowish skin, and had a sharp and wily look. In the aesthetic standards of this world, his appearance could be considered truly “ugly”! But Xu Qing’s previous “ugly” appearance was acquired, while this person’s, tsk tsk, was congenital!

“Is it Zhonghua? When did you come back? Come on in,” Uncle Xie greeted Zhonghua as he entered the courtyard. “Uncle Xie, I heard that Xie Yu came back, so I specifically came back from Anle Village to see him!” Zhonghua’s voice matched his name, a bit… unpleasant. When he spoke, it was coarse and rough, instinctively grating on one’s ears. And his voice was high-pitched, making it even more unpleasant.

“He’s back. He’s in the living room! Xiao Yu, Zhonghua is here!”

Hearing Uncle Xie calling out the person’s name loudly, Xu Qing couldn’t help but let out a suppressed chuckle. “Zhonghua? Like planting flowers?”

Xie Yu hadn’t thought that Zhonghua’s name could be such, so he couldn’t help but laugh along. “What’s so funny? You’re laughing so happily. Zhonghua, come in and have a seat. I’ll get you some hot water.” Xie Ama led Zhonghua into the living room and heard Xu Qing and Xie Yu’s laughter. His heart was warmed. Sure enough, Xu Qing was a joyful person! Look, how happy his son was laughing.

“Xie Yu, it’s been years since we last saw each other,” Zhonghua looked at the increasingly rosy-faced Xie Yu due to his laughter, feeling a stifling sensation in his heart. After all these years, Xie Yu still looked the same as when they were unmarried, while he himself had been toiling away in the fields, exposed to wind and sun, and couldn’t compare to him.

Xie Yu pulled Xu Qing to sit beside him and smiled politely at Zhonghua. “Yes, come, have a seat. This is Xu Qing. You haven’t seen him in years either.” Xie Yu was not pleased with Zhonghua’s disregard for Xu Qing’s presence and his lack of enthusiasm towards him. Both Xie Yu and Xie Ama had one thing in common: they protected their loved ones.

“Hello,” Xu Qing didn’t pay much attention, but it was clear that this person’s eyes were fixed on Xie Yu as if he wanted to devour him. It was evident that he wasn’t someone easy to get along with.

“It has been many years since I last saw him. It’s the same person with a face full of pimples! His reputation is so widespread, of course, I’ve heard of him,” Zhonghua looked at Xu Qing’s flawless and cured fair complexion, and his jealousy grew like a sprouting seed. He couldn’t believe that even the ugliest person in the village had transformed like this. That meant his own appearance was the most…!!

“Zhonghua! Do you have any business with me coming here?” Xie Yu felt provoked by Zhonghua’s tone towards Xu Qing, and his anger welled up. He questioned Zhonghua with a firm tone.

Zhonghua realized that his tone was too much, but upon hearing Xie Yu’s dismissive attitude, he felt even more discontented. They were all grown up now, and he had been married for so many years. Why did Xie Yu still use that condescending tone from their childhood? However, when he thought about the news he had received, Zhonghua felt that Xie Yu was much more pitiable than himself. His tone also contained a hint of schadenfreude.

“Just look at what you’re saying. After all, we grew up in the same village. Haven’t you heard that you’ve been divorced and came back home? I came to see you, didn’t I?”

Upon hearing this, Xu Qing knew that this “flower planter” was indeed up to no good. It turned out that he had purposely come to add insult to injury!


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