Chapter 31: The Ugly Ger’s Plowing Story

After lunch, it began to rain lightly outside the house, and there was no tendency to stop, “I’m going to Xie Ama’s house, how about you?” Xu Qing took an umbrella and was about to go to the village.

“I’ll go to Wei’s house to discuss the style of the wooden cabinet with Wei’s second son. Let’s go together.” Li Changfeng didn’t open the umbrella in his hand and got under Xu Qing’s umbrella, standing shoulder to shoulder.

After arriving at the gate of Xie’s house, Li Changfeng reluctantly opened his own umbrella and left after saying goodbye to Xu Qing.

Xie family just finished lunch. Uncle Xie was preparing medicine for Xie Yu in the kitchen. Xie Ama opened the courtyard door for Xu Qing, “Come in, come in. your brother Xiaoyu is in the main room right now!” If you’re not reading this on hololonovels, the ending will be missing.

Xu Qing greeted Xie Ama and followed him into the main room, where he saw Xie Yu sitting there. It is undeniable that Xie Yu is really such a gentle and elegant person. Compared with Xie Ama, Brother Xie appears more tranquil. Maybe because of his long-term illness, he inexplicably carried the look of a sickly beauty. Xu Qing felt that he wouldn’t even bear to wash his eyes when he got home after seeing such a beautiful man.

Xie Yu hasn’t seen Xu Qing for a long time. Seeing Xu Qing’s face as good as Xie Ama had described, he thought Xu Qing looked better and not as gloomy as before.

“Brother Xiaoyu, are you feeling better?” Xu Qing sat next to Brother Xie and looked closely at the person, who seemed to be in a good spirit, despite his pale face. Xie Yu nodded with a smile that put Xu Qing in a daze, “this is also thanks to the Kimchi Brother Qing gave. Not only my appetite returned, but my body also feels a lot better.” Even his voice sounds so nice!

“Isn’t it! Look at your brother Xiaoyu.  Today, he even got out of bed to eat with us!” As Brother Xie’s body improved, Xie Ama became more and more cheerful.

“That’s good news. As long as Brother Xiaoyu wants something to eat, I’ll send it to you every day!” Xu Qing’s eager expression of wanting to give something amused Xie Ama and Xie Yu.

Xie Yu has not had too much contact with the original body before, so he has never sat and talked like this today with Xu Qing. After this chat, the two of them are more in harmony with each other. Xie Yu was in a good mood, and his pale face even had a hint of ruddiness to it.

“Brother Xiaoyu, you are so beautiful!” Xu Qing looked at Brother Xie’s face stained with radiance, and felt more and more that when someone is good-looking, they will look good no matter what, so he blurted out.

“Ah,” Xie Yu really didn’t expect Xu Qing to say this to himself. He was a little surprised and a little shy. Over the years, no one has ever faced him with such a straightforward compliment, except, when he was pursued by Ma Fugui back then. Even so, Ma Fugui didn’t say such a straightforward word.

When Xie Yu thought of Ma Fugui, the smile on his face quickly left. One day of being husband and wife, one hundred days of kindness and love, after all, we have lived together for so many years, but now … alas, it’s also my own body that doesn’t live up to its expectations.

As soon as Xie Ama saw his son’s face, he knew what was on Xie Yu’s mind. He winked at Xu Qing, who was feeling bad thinking he said something wrong, and said, “you guys talk first, I’ll go help the old man boil the medicine. It’s okay.” His son is so thoughtful and filial, it’s just he keeps everything in his heart. He never says it out not to worry his parents, but he doesn’t know that it makes them even more worried. Seeing Xu Qing and Xie Yu chatting cordially, Xie Ama was also relieved. He hoped that Xiao Yu can talk with Xu Qing about the words that he doesn’t want to say to his parents. They are not too different in age. It’s easy to get acquainted.

“They’re all worried about you, Brother Xiaoyu, so you have to take care of your body and get better quickly.” Xu Qing looked at Brother Xie and gently stated the facts he saw.

Xie Yu’s eyes were a little red, “I know, but I’m too disappointing, making them worry for me.” Somehow, in front of Xu Qing, Xie Yu didn’t want to pretend anymore and poured out his heart. Thank you for reading on

“How could it be your fault, you are so good and kind! It’s that black hearted Ma family!” Xu Qing thought that such a good Xie Yu was divorced for not having children, he was upset just thinking about it.

“How can I be as good as you said!” Xie Yu suddenly felt that the situation wasn’t such a big deal anymore after seeing Xu Qing’s fury for himself. Even if he would never have children in his life, he could now accept that it’s because he was destined not to have children, and because of this incident, he was able to realize who really is there for him during his hard times. He felt that God wasn’t so unkind to him anymore.

Xu Qing felt that he could understand Xie Yu a little better after seeing the melancholy in his eyes gradually faded, “It’s a bit cold today, I’ll go find Xie Ama and pour some hot water for you to drink.” Xu Qing noticed the water in front of Xie Yu had no more steam and offered to help the beauty.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Ama and Uncle Xie saw Xu Qing coming inside the kitchen; they thought something was wrong and hurriedly asked. Xu Qing waved his hand carelessly, “It’s nothing, Brother Xiaoyu’s water is a little cold, so I came in to get some hot water. It would make his body more comfortable.”

Uncle Xie quickly took the bowl from Xu Qing’s hand and filled it with boiled water, “Thank you, brother Qing. Please talk to Xiaoyu more. He keeps everything in his heart and not tells us, which is worrisome.”

Xu Qing nodded and walked out of the kitchen with the bowl in his hand. After leaving Xie couple’s sight, he dropped a few drops of spring water in the bowl. Although Xie Yu’s sickly beauty appearance was attractive, Xu Qing preferred to see the other happy and healthy more.

“Thank you, brother Qing.”

Xie Yu took the bowl and expressed his gratitude to Xu Qing. He is not very healthy now, instead of serving the guest with tea and snacks, it is him, the host, who was being served.

“There’s no need to thank me. I come here all the time. Just don’t think I’m annoying later. The weather is cold today. You should drink some hot water.” Xu Qing watched Xie Yu blowing the water and slowly drinking. Xu Qing breathed a sigh of relief seeing Xie Yu drank the water with spring water. After a few days, Xie Yu’s health would be better. As for what Xie Ama said about the difficulty of getting pregnant, that could be set aside now for the future. Xu Qing didn’t know whether the spring water could help in this matter.

“Knock! Knock!”

“Coming! Coming!” Xu Qing responded quickly, after he heard Uncle Xie asked him to answer the door for them, and walked to the gate. He braved the light rain and opened the door to see a ger about the same age as Xie Yu. He was very thin. The skin is also a little yellow, and he has the appearance of a pair of pointed-mouthed monkey cheeks. In the aesthetics of this world, isn’t this the appearance of a real “ugly” ger? It’s just that Xu Qing’s previous ‘ugliness’ was acquired, but this one, tsk tsk, is congenital! Thank you for reading on

“It’s Zhong Hua? When did you come back? Come in and sit.” Uncle Xie, who came out of the kitchen, greeted Zhong Hua as he entered the courtyard. “Uncle Xie, I heard that Xie Yu is back, so I came from Anle Village to see him!” The voice is the same as his name, a bit unpleasant, and his tone is rough and rustling, which makes people instinctively want to cover the ears, and his pitch is high, so it is even more unpleasant.

“Yeah, he is back. Go in the main room! Xiaoyu! Zhònghuā is here!”

Xu Qing, who heard Uncle Xie calling the man’s name in a loud voice, couldn’t help laughing in a low voice, “Zhònghuā? Like planting flowers?”

(T/N: Zhong Hua’s name, meaning bellflower, is spelled 钟花, pronounced Zhōng huā and the ‘planting flowers’ Xu Qing just said is spelled 种花, pronounced Zhònghuā.)

Xie Yu really never thought that Zhong Hua’s name could be pronounced this way, and couldn’t help laughing, “What a funny thing to say. Zhong Hua, come in and sit, I’ll pour you some hot water.” As soon as Xie Ama led Zhong Hua into the hall, he heard the laughter of Xu Qing and Brother Xie, and he couldn’t help but happy in his heart, as expected, Brother Qing is a pistachio! Look how happy Xie Yu is smiling.

(T/N: pistachio is pronounced Kāixīn guǒ, and happy is pronounced Kāixīn. So, I’m assuming Xie Ama meant to say Xu Qing is a joyful person.)

“Xie Yu, we haven’t seen each other for a few years.” Zhong Hua looked at Xie Yu, who is smiling with rosy cheeks, and felt a sense of anger in his heart. After so many years, he still looked the same as when he was unmarried, but Zhong Hua himself had been working in the field, exposed to the wind and the sun, and couldn’t compare to this sick person.

Xie Yu took Xu Qing to sit beside him and smiled politely at Zhong Hua, “Yes, come, sit, this is Brother Qing, you haven’t seen him for many years.” Xie Yu was displeased with Zhong Hua’s dismissive attitude toward Xu Qing and was no longer very enthusiastic about him. One thing he and Xie Ama share in common is their tendency to protect those around them.

“Hello,” Xu Qing didn’t care much. When this person came in, he stared at Brother Xie as if he wanted to eat him. This person was not easy to get along with at first glance.

“I haven’t seen him for many years. He was the one with the pimples in the past! With such a famous reputation, of course I’ve heard of him.” Zhong Hua looked at Xu Qing’s tender face that was now free of red bumps, jealousy in his heart surged and madness grew like a bud. He can’t imagine that the ugliest person in the village has become like this, worst of all, his appearance is the most…

“Zhong Hua! Why did you come here today?” When Brother Xie heard Zhong Hua’s tone speaking about Xu Qing, he became angry and asked Zhong Hua sternly.

Zhong Hua also realized that he spoke a bit harsh, but when he heard Xie Yu’s expelling tone, he felt even more unsettled. He came here to visit the other person because of their childhood friendship, but after thinking of the news he heard in the village, Zhong Hua thought that Xie Yu was much more miserable than himself, and his tone was tinged with gloating.

“Look at what you said, we all grew up together in the same village. Didn’t I come right away as soon as I learned that you were separated and came back?”

As soon as Xu Qing heard this, he knew that this “flower planter” was indeed a bad person. It turned out that he came here on purpose to start shit.


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